Madrid’s culinary paradise

Across Plaza de Colón in Madrid’s affluent Salamanca neighborhood, Platea Madrid takes the prize for the capital’s culinary paradise.

The history of the building dates back to 1952 when it was built as the neighborhood theater named Carlos III. After 50 years, the theater closed down and remained empty for almost a decade.


Platea Madrid

In 2014, it reopened as Platea Madrid, a revolutionary gourmet leisure space which is one of the biggest in Europe with almost 6,000 square meters.

The concept, which goes above and beyond the traditional food market, was conceived by some of Spain’s top-rated Michelin-star chefs – Paco Roncero, Marcos Morán, and Pepe Solla.

The art deco style interior retains the theater theatrics, complete with a stage for musical performances. At center stage now, however, is the layout of the food offerings for an absolute gastro-experience.


The Best of the Food Halls

Out of everything in Madrid, if you are a food lover, without a doubt, you must visit Platea Madrid.

This international destination is unlike anything else seen in Europe, New York City, San Francisco, or even Tokyo where food halls are beyond excellent.

Why does it excel and standout in Madrid? Because Spaniards have a true love and appreciation of the food and drink culture.

They know how to take food seriously, but they are not snobbish about it. They sip and savor every bite, and they don’t rush the experience. Eating and drinking leisurely with the highest quality of ingredients is their way of life and living.


5 Floors of Gastronomy

At Platea Madrid, every guest can have a different eating experience with the dozen stalls of food vendors and cocktail bars, a restaurant, a pastry shop, and even a gourmet grocery.

The spectacle of a food hall has five floors of cuisine and libations.

Starting out front, the Roadside on the ground floor entrance has a gourmet deli and on the other end of the building is a patisserie.

El Foso, the lower level, features international cuisine and plates from Italy, Mexico, Peru, Japan, China, and more. You can order from any and all of the stations to enjoy a global experience.

El Patio, on the ground floor, is the main attraction. The grandeur mezzanine showcases cocktail, wine, and vermouth bars on one side, and a superb selection of pintxos and tapas across the floor, including some of the best jamón in the country.

Arriba is the first floor with a view of El Patio below. It is also the name of the floor’s sole restaurant by Ramón Freixá, one Spain’s top chefs. The theme of the menu is tradition meets avant-garde.

Above Arriba, also with a view of El Patio, is El Palco on the second floor. Up here you can enjoy an overwhelming choice of over 1,000 drinks. The atmosphere is perfect for a post-meal drink or two.

And finall,y on the third floor, El Club is Platea’s hidden secret. With an intimate ambiance, this private club is designed for exclusive events.

Platea Madrid truly offers something for every appetite and every thirst.

Foodicles Platea 1
Setting the stage. The history of the building is the former Carlos III theatre. Inside Platea the theater space is at center stage for musical performances and aerial acrobatics on weekend nights
Foodicles Platea 2
El Patio. The ground floor of Platea hosts Spanish tapas and bars, including my favorite La Hora del Vermut. Guests enjoy their drinks at the bar or in the tables and seats located all around the floor. Servers also roam around for drink service at your table
Foodicles Platea 3
Arriba y El Palco, the 1st and 2nd floors. Arriba is the restaurant of Michelin-starred chef Ramón Freixá. El Palco is another bar area with over 1,000 drinks to available to order
Foodicles Platea 4
The concept of Platea is a gourmet leisure experience. Set in the Salamanca neighborhood, the atmosphere is posh yet friendly and approachable
Foodicles Platea 5
The bars. Start with a drink to whet your appetite. You can have a cocktail, a glass or bottle of wine, or an ice cold glass of vermouth
Foodicles Platea 6
Then order some plates at the stations around the floor and bring it to your table to enjoy. Start with olives and move onto the amazing jamón. This is a great opportunity to taste and compare some of the best brands of jamón
Foodicles Platea 7
Then keep eating and order cold and hot pintxos and tapas. There is a station for cold pintxos and a station for tapas which will be cooked to order
Foodicles Platea 8
The eating begins with vermut de grifo (on tap) alongside olives, gildas (pickled peppers), and seafood on bread, like bacalao and salmon. The drinks and the light bites open up your appetite for a leisurely afternoon or evening of eating
Foodicles Platea 9
Cinco Jotas v. Arturo Sanchez jamón de bellota. Cinco Jotas is a renown brand that is one of the best in Jabugo, down south near Seville. Arturo Sanchez is one of the best brands in Guijuelo near Salamanca in the west. Both regions produce the best jamón legs in the world. Which won the tasting?
Foodicles Platea 10
The winner: Arturo Sanchez! Cinco Jotas had a huge burst of flavor, but it was mostly a sharp and salty. On the other hand, the taste of Arturo Sanchez was smooth with finesse and had a creaminess to the deep, earthy, complex flavors bursting on the palate. It was so good, we ordered 2 large raciones
Foodicles Platea 11
On your way out, stop by the fruit market setting the most premium and beautiful seasonal fruits from around Spain and around the globe


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Platea Madrid
Calle de Goya, 5-7
Madrid, Spain
Sunday to Wednesday, 12pm to 12:30am
Thursday to Saturday, 12pm to 2:30am


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