Devour Tours in Madrid: Huertas Neighborhood Food & Market Tour

Devour Tours offers food-loving travelers the best bites of Madrid’s food scene. The most popular tours introduce tourists to the well-known foods and local, hidden-gem restaurants.

If you want to go beyond the city center, sign up for their neighborhood food tours. In the Huertas Neighborhood Food & Market Tour, you visit generations-old shops as well as eat your way through a local food market. The tour is perfect for all curious food-lovers.

Watch my video featuring clips from my Devour Tours’ Huertas Neighborhood Food & Market Tour


The Best of the Local Food Scene

The neighborhood food tour begins with the traditional Spanish breakfast and then fills you up with little and bigs bites as you walk around the Literary Quarter learning about the famous residents. Prepare yourself for this tour with a hungry stomach!

Porras con Chocolate! Most tourists know about churros. This tour teaches you about Madrid’s beloved porras. This shop freshly fries the fried dough and it comes out piping hot and fluffy. You might actually prefer it over churros because of how perfectly it sops up with rich chocolate
Cheese & wine tasting at a generations-old cheese shop. The shop’s owners have a deep history which you can only discover on the food tour. It gives you a greater appreciation for the shop and its products
Galician bread. Bread in Madrid traditionally has not been impressive compared to its French neighbors up north. Two Galician brothers opened up this shop to proudly serve the most delicious, high-quality Galician-style bread in Madrid to represent their region and Spanish bread


Food Market Food Crawl

Between stops at restaurants and shops, you will also experience a food crawl through the neighborhood’s market. There you will taste and see local products from expert vendors, such as olives, olive oil, jamon, and even seasonal fruit.

Mercado Anton Martin in the Huertas Neighborhood. The market caters to the locals who shop here for their everyday needs. When the supermarket and convenience store culture popularized, markets like these closed over the years. In Spain, food markets are some of the finest in the world
Tasting olives from a local vendor. When you first enter the market, you will taste a series of olives and even boquerones, or anchovies. The olives each have their own distinct taste, herbs, and seasonings to produce a range of flavors
Huertas Neighborhood
You cannot have a food tour without tasting jamon. Here you will taste a range of jamón from serrano to iberico bellota so you can taste the differences for yourself. If you want to take home jamón (if your country allows it), this vendor, Jesus, is a great guy to buy from as he can vacuum pack your orders


Tapas like a Local & Dessert

Even with all the samples from the food market, there is still more food! You will go to a local tapas bar where you will have open-faced sandwiches of your choice paired with a refreshing glass of vermut
You cannot have a Spanish lunch outing without dessert. To conclude the tour, you will stop by a local bakery (which makes amazing taste tatin – you must go back for these), where you will get cheesecake. It is Japanese-like in its lightness, fluffiness, and refreshing factor – a great conclusion and a sweet way to end the whole neighborhood tour



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