Fireworks of Flavors when Fusion Works

Yakitoro is one of Madrid’s most vibrant restaurants because of its successful execution of marrying Spanish cuisine with Japanese inspiration.

Yakitoro: Spanish Innovation Meets Japan Cuisine

Inspired by the yakitori taverns of Japan, Yakitoro tastefully adapts Spanish recipes to the yakitori style of skewers and grilling them over charcoal. It is the ambiance of the restaurant, the presentation, and the tastes that lures customers in as repeat diners.

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Hot off the grill. The grill station is located right in the middle of the restaurant for all the diners to admire and anticipate their steaming hot skewers. There is also a prep kitchen in the back for other orders, such as salads and fried plates


Most Recent Food Photos from Yakitoro

Small Plates & Side Dishes

Tomatoes with Japanese ginger. So simple, and yet so full of flavors from the seasonal sweet local tomatoes and the bright, spicy pickled ginger. A great salad to open up your appetite and to balance all the meat and fried dishes
Chipi-kimchi. Aside from Japanese influence, the menu has grown to include inspiration from Thailand and Korea. This bowl of squid with mild kimchi comes from the classic Korean dish of a pot of sizzling hot seafood with kimchi
Fried anchovies finished with a sweet glaze. This is another wonderful marriage of classic Spanish boquerones fritos combined with the tempura and glaze inspiration from Japanese cuisine
Spiced rice wrapped in banana leaf and grilled over charcoal with a sweet teriyaki sauce. With Asian cuisine comes rice. The side dishes offer a few selections of rice and even ramen noodles to add to the meal

When Spanish Cuisine Meets the Yakitori Grill

Patatas Bravas. One of the most classic Spanish tapas perfectly executed in the yakitori style as the potatoes are skewered and grilled on the charcoal grill and then coated with a most delicious bravas sauce
Scallions with Thai-style Romesco sauce. The beauty of Spanish cuisine stems from the fresh and high-quality local ingredients that shine with every bite. Added with the peanut-based sauce creates a winning vegetable dish
Spicy chicken wings. Typically Spanish cuisine does not have much spicy, nor does Japanese cuisine. The spice is actually quite in line with Thai and Korean cuisine, making this a powerfully delicious chicken wing to pair with the drinks in front of you
Grilled Iberian pork secreto with a sweet mustard vinaigrette. Another successful skewer blending Spanish and Asian flavors. The pork is tender and perfectly cooked with the added tang from the sauce, you may find yourself ordering a second plate

Sweet Finish

Cotton Candy! The dessert is as fun as the entire meal. The cotton candy is topped with Japanese spices to add a kick to the sweet ending. A meal at Yakitoro is always fun, enjoyable, and never disappointing!


Address & Hours

Calle Reina 41
1pm to 12am

Plaza de la Castellana 130
1pm to 11:30pm


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