A modern food hall in Madrid’s Chueca neighborhood


Spain’s food markets are an exceptional standout and reflective on the culture’s love and appreciation for food and drinks.

In recent years, Madrid has renovated and renewed their food markets to transform them into fashionable food halls that both trendy and traditional.


Mercado San Antón

In the Chueca neighborhood in central Madrid, Mercado San Antón was built in 1945, one of the oldest markets in the city. The mercado renovated itself into the 21st century in 2011.


Multi-level Food Hall

The mercado has four floors of food. The ground floor is the supermercado for neighborhood locals to shop for their everyday ingredients.

The first floor is the traditional market offering high-quality produce, seafood, and meat. There is also a delicatessen with cheese and deli cuts, a bakery, a hamburger stall for takeaway, a croquetas station for uncooked or cooked takeaway, and a tapas bar to order a few small plates.

The second floor presents tapas stalls with Spanish and international cuisines, such as Mediterranean and Asian plates, as well as desserts and a wine bar, of course. Order your desired plates and drinks and then savor them leisurely along the high tables surrounding the floor.

Finally, the top floor is La Cocina de San Antón, the restaurant, and rooftop terrace bar. Inside diners can enjoy a full menu, and outside they can sip drinks while basking in the view of Madrid.


Foodicles Mercado San Anton Madrid 1
The main entrance of Mercado San Antón in Madrid’s Chueca neighborhood. The building and market were constructed in 1945, one of the oldest in the city. The Mercado completely renovated inside and reopened in 2011
The directory. On the ground floor is a supermercado, supermarket, catering to the neighborhood. The first floor is the traditional food market offering high-quality produce, cheese, jamón, seafood, etc to shop and for takeaway. There is also a tapas bar, croquetas and burgers cooked to order
Picture-worthy and mouthwatering. Every selection comes from local waters in the country and sold fresh each day
More markets with plenty of tapas
The second floor presents tapas stalls, an international selection of bites, as well as a wine bar to complement the food. High-top tables and bar seating along the railing are provided for diners to enjoy the variety of food and drinks
Among the selection of stalls is a seafood bar. Here you can choose any to eat either raw, like the oysters, or to have cooked according to your preference
Cutting open local sea urchins. Spain’s waters are an amazing source for fish and shellfish, which are popular in Japan and around the world for sushi and sashimi consumption
Foodicles Mercado San Anton Madrid 7
Vermut culture. Starting the evening with an iced glass of Spanish vermouth while nibbling on some small plates and watching the national football team
A variety of croquetas filled with jamón, seafood, and cheeses. These fried treats are a great start to a long night of small bites and eating
Tomato salad and hummus. During the summer season, Spanish tomatoes are at their peak – bright red, plump, and succulently sweet. Among the international offerings are Mediterranean plates, like a healthy serving of hummus – perfect with a light drink
Hambuergesas and Salmorejo. Burgers are quite popular and widely available in many food markets including this one which dresses it up with toppings and sauces. Salmorejo is a puree made from tomato and bread originating from Andalucia; it is a thicker version of gazpacho
Fabada, padrones, and pintxos. Fabada is a white bean stew with cuts of chorizo and ham that is popular during the winter. Padrones are a local pepper that is typically grilled and a few pieces in the bunch can be spicy. The tapas stalls offer a variety of flavors over a slice of bread – very typically in pintxos bars
Arroz negra. Vendors also offer paella made to order and perfect for sharing with your group of hungry eaters and thirsty drinkers
Foodicles Mercado San Anton Madrid 13
The third floor is a restaurant and rooftop terrace to enjoy the panoramic views of Madrid while sipping on drinks and nibbling on bites
The restaurant, La Cocina de San Antón, offers a full menu with international flavors and a Spanish touch
La Cocina de San Antón serves Cinco Jotas charcuterie, rated one of the best in the country. The jamón cuts are a great way to start a meal with a drink


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Mercado San Antón
Calle de Augusto Figueroa 24
Madrid, Spain
Monday to Thursday, 10am to 12am
Friday and Sunday, 10am to 1:30am


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