10 Best Foods to Eat in Madrid Right Now

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Quintessential Bites in Madrid

Madrid is a city overflowing with amazing food to eat. Here are 10 of the best foods to eat in Madrid right now:

1. Porras con Chocolate

Most travelers to Spain know to try churros con chocolate. Insiders know that porras con chocolate can be even more delicious! Discover it on your own or join a neighborhood food tour that starts with these amazingly hot, fluffy, chewy fried dough dipped in dark chocolate. Read more about the neighborhood food tour here.


2. Tortilla

Easily the best tortilla in Madrid. There are countless versions, and yet Casa Dani in the Mercado de la Paz stands out as the best because of how it perfects each detail in the tortilla. It’s no wonder there is always a massive crowd for lunch every day.


3. Champiñones

A tapas crawl essential. These piping hot mushrooms are packed with so much flavor. You can learn how to properly eat them on the Devour Tours evening tapas tour in which you learn about amazing places to have the best tapas. Read about the tapas, taverns, and history tour here.


4. Patatas Bravas

A classic Spanish dish cooked with Japanese inspired on a yakitori grill. Grilling the potatoes enhances the depth of flavor of the potato, making this such a satisfying and memorable plate of patatas bravas. Read more about this dish and more at Yakitoro here.


5. Bocadillo de Calamares

A local favorite that can be found at tapas bars around Madrid. These calamari sandwiches may seem like nothing extraordinary, they are actually packed with flavor and delectable textures from the frying and from the crusty bread. A must order, especially when you are hungry.


6. Regalitos de Torito

This is seriously one of the best bites you will have in Madrid. First, the textures from the crunchy pastry dough wrapped around the succulently roasted oxtail. Then, of course, there’s that deep roasted flavor from the oxtail complemented with the sweetness of the grilled pepper and balsamic reduction sauce. You can order the ration of 4 pieces or a tapas of 2 pieces. Read more about the regalitos here.


7. Pisto Manchego

Seemingly a simple dish that is just meant to fill your stomach with potatoes. Not at all. This dish has a complexity of flavors from the pisto, an umaminess from the fried egg, and the contrasting textures from the fried potatoes. So incredibly delicious and satisfying. This dish can also be tasted during the tapas tour – read about it here


8. Paella (made by you in a cooking class!)

Learn how to make an amazing pan of paella that tastes incredibly delicious on your first try. Cooking Point is a quality cooking school in Madrid for tourists that teaches you how easy it can be to make paella at home. Read more about Cooking Point’s paella class here.


9. Paella al Horno

The best paella in town. Rocacho specializes in grilled seafood and meat as well as amazing paella and arroz that is quite possibly the best in Madrid. Read more about the paella in Rocacho Madrid here.


10. Tinto Verano

The drink of summer. While tourists indulge in sangria, locals sip a lighter and more refreshing version called Tinto Verano simply made of red wine and gaseosa (a slightly sweetened soda water, but not as sweet as Sprite). It’s perfect on those hot Iberian summer days and while feasting during a tapas crawl.


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