A Night in Madrid with Devour Tours

Madrid is one of the world’s best food cities with endless amazing eats at almost every corner. With so many options and so little time when visiting the city, the best way to discover the best of the best is through food tours with Devour Tours.

About Devour Tours

While not every food tour may be worth your time and money, Devour Tours stand out with their passionate locals and friendly food-obsessed expats who moved to Spain for their love of the country and food.

You will be taken to completely local spots and learn how to order, drink, and eat like a local. There will not be any hokey tourists traps. Rather, the experience is like you are getting a most wonderful in-depth tour with a food-loving friend.

And while it is a food tour, food involves culture and history which you will naturally also discover the most fascinating true stories about the city and the places you will visit.

Read about my previous Devour Tour in Madrid: Ultimate Spanish Cuisine Tour. (Note, this specific tour has been updated since the time of my review.)


Watch my Tapas, Taverns, and History Video


Tapas, Taverns, and History Tour

The Tapas, Taverns and History Tour is a combination of the food tour and a history tour. While the other tours also will have stories from history, this tour spends more time retelling stories of Madrid’s past.

In the 4 hour evening tour, you will have 4 food and drink stops that will equate to having a full dinner. Between each of the four food stops, you will walk through Madrid stopping at historical landmarks and town squares where you will discover stories from the past.

At the end of the tour, you will know how to drink and eat tapas like a local and be educated about how Madrid transformed from a small village to the capital of an empire.

The food tours are most ideal for food and drink lovers. However, anyone, even with food allergies, can book and partake in the tour.


Photos from the Tapas, Taverns and History Food Tour

After meeting with your tour guide, you head straight to your first food stop: jamon! There you will have a tasting of the different types of jamon, including the premium jamón iberico de bellota. Plus, there are other cured meats to taste that come from the same iberico pig
Next, more to drink! Taste wines completely unique to Spain at one of Madrid’s oldest taverns. The glass you will have varies on which bottle is available on that day of your tour. Tours are not completely set as the food and drink may slightly vary
Since it is Spain, you will, of course, have that glass of wine with another tapas, as locals always have food with their drinks. This tavern also specializes in this tender stuffed pepper which is fried and filled with beef in a creamy sauce
Third stop: mushrooms! You are taken to a specialty tapas place that grills trays and trays of these mushrooms every day. Your tour guide teaches you how to expertly eat the mushroom without spilling or burning yourself
Tinto Verano – local Spanish summer drink of choice. Locals will tell you that sangria is for tourists as it is stronger than what they typically prefer to casually drink. This Tinto Verano mixes table wine with their local gaseosa, or a slightly sweetened club soda
Along with the mushrooms, you will also get a racion, or shareable plate, of grilled padron pimientos. As Spaniards tend not to like spicy foods, these peppers are rarely spicy. This is a great stop to balance between the tastings of meats from the other taverns
Pisto Manchego that mixes into huevos rotos.The last food stop will include multiple tapas and shareable plates that will really fill you up at the end of the tour. Plus, there will be glasses of wine to pair with the meal


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