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Stereotypical tours typically involve just the obvious landmarks full of tourist traps for selfie stick opportunities. That completely goes against my 3 No’s of traveling: No to stereotypical tours. No to tourist traps. And, no to selfie sticks, please.

But, sometimes you need a tour to really discover the insides and hidden gems of a city.


Devour Madrid Food Tours

Devour Madrid should be a requisite for every food lover visiting Spain’s capital. You will have a proper taste of the country and understand the flavors of the culturally vibrant city.

The company offers 5 different themes of walking food tours (described below), each showcasing some of the best food and drink finds in Madrid.

The Devour Madrid experience can be likened to exploring Madrid with your food passionate friend.

The team of tour guides comprises of a mix of Spaniards and expats who all love Madrid and all things Spanish, especially the food and drink culture. They are qualified and knowledgeable about the history and culture of the city in relation to the tour’s culinary discoveries.


What to Expect

Food stops include markets, delis, and tapas taverns combined with tastings of the country’s beverages, like wine and vermouth. The establishments are local food businesses, some generations old and even over 100 years old.

By the end of the tour, you will have eaten like a local and know exactly where to eat and drink for the rest of your stay in Madrid. It is ideal to schedule the tour at the start of your trip so you can enjoy as many of their recommendations as possible.

Inclusive with the ticket price is a generous amount of food and drinks to leave you more than satisfied. So come hungry and forget about your diet for a few hours. And lightweights, pace yourselves with the drinks.

Devour Madrid’s parent company is Devour Spain, which offers more food tours in Barcelona, Seville, and Malaga.

Tours Offered

Ultimate Spanish Cuisine Tour
10:30am, Monday to Saturday, 4 hours, 85€
Inclusive of 8+ food stops, with tastes of hot chocolate, cocido, tortillas, and jamón. Also a tasting of local wine, vermut, and cider

Huertas Neighborhood Food & Market Tour
10:15am, Monday to Saturday, 3.5 hours, 75€
Inclusive of 9+ food stops, with tastes of churros con chocolate, jamón, cheese, and a variety of tapas. Also a tasting of 4 wines and a vermut

Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour
6:30pm, 7:30pm, or 8:30pm, Available most evenings, 3 hours, 85€
Inclusive of 10+ tapas, 8 wines, and 4 tapas bars

Evening Tapas & Flamenco Tour
6pm, Monday to Sunday, 4 hours, 125€
Inclusive of a crash course to tapas hopping, a flamenco show at Cardamomo, followed by more tapas and wine

Tapas, Taverns, and History of Madrid Tour
5pm, 6:30pm, or 7:30pm, Available more evenings, 4 hours, 95€
Inclusive of 4 tapas bars and taverns, starting with a taste of Joselito jamón and vermut with stops at landmark sites and hidden historic corners

Private tours at a higher rate are also available upon request.

Advanced reservations required via their website (link here)


Foodicles Devour Madrid Food Tour 1
After meeting our guide at Plaza Mayor, we walked over to the first stop for our private food tour, Mercado de San Miguel. (More about Madrid’s mercados in my next three posts)
Foodicles Devour Madrid Food Tour 2
Starting the tour like a real Spaniard – with a cold glass of vermouth, an iconic aperitif to start a meal or for day drinking. After this glass, I am officially obsessed with Spain’s vermut culture – the taste, the social drinking aspect, and how it opens up your appetite for the meal ahead
Foodicles Devour Madrid Food Tour 3
Gildas, campo real olives, y almendras. Pickled peppers, olives, and roasted almonds to pair with the vermut
Foodicles Devour Madrid Food Tour 4
Regalitos in El Anciano Rey de Los Vinos. Little gifts. Roasted oxtails wrapped in fried Phyllo dough, topped with a roasted bell pepper and a balsamic reduction. Paired with a bottle of local tempranillo
Foodicles Devour Madrid Food Tour 5
These truly are gifts for your palate! The roasted taste of the oxtail adds complexity to each bite, and the fried texture brings it to life
Foodicles Devour Madrid Food Tour 6
The regalitos were so memorable we went back a few days later to have a second round, and ordered a couple more specialties, of course. Starting with house-barreled vermut and their bread service consisting of olives with bread and ham
A large salad to balance the hearty meats, complete with summer tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, olives, asparagus, hard-boiled egg and tuna
Foodicles Devour Madrid Food Tour 8
Callos madrileño. Beef tripe stew, the capital’s winter specialty. So rich and gelatinous without feeling overly fatty and oily. Another stellar order at this tavern
Foodicles Devour Madrid Food Tour 9
Jamón y quesos at Ferpal. Tasting Spanish cheeses and comparing jamón serrano versus jamón ibérico
Foodicles Devour Madrid Food Tour 10
Tasting the history of gambas al ajillo at La Casa del Abuelo, a tavern specializing in gambas, or shrimp dishes. The gambas are paired with the house red, a sweet tempranillo
Foodicles Devour Madrid Food Tour 11
Our guide, Luke, sharing food history stories. Luke is an expat from the UK who moved to Madrid because of his passion for food and all things Spanish
Foodicles Devour Madrid Food Tour 12
The final stop of the tour – lunch at Casa Toni. Yes, lunch with after all those bites, drinks, and tapas
Foodicles Devour Madrid Food Tour 13
Campo real olives, patatas bravas with homemade sauces, and grilled chorizo
Foodicles Devour Madrid Food Tour 14
Padrones, grilled Spanish peppers in which a random few are actually spicy
Foodicles Devour Madrid Food Tour 15
Fried aubergines and fried calamari. Lightly fried without the excess oil. All the food is paired with your choice is wine – and for me, it was a glass of a red and of a local rose
Foodicles Devour Madrid Food Tour 16
Dessert, in the form of a final glass of a sweet Spanish wine. There is no doubt you will end the tour with satisfaction, a bigger belly, and a nice buzz

For more from my private tour, watch the YouTube video above with my Snap story (Snapchat: foodicles)


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Devour Spain – Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga


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