Love at first bite in San Sebastián


Can a destination really make everyone fall in love with it?  Or is it just hype and blind love?

In the case of San Sebastián, it is truly true love.

San Sebastián has it all. The coastal city in northern Spain has nature in its greenery and urban beaches with blue waters, and city life in the Centro and Parte Vieja, Old Town – the heart of the city

The culture-rich city is full of sophistication and charm to lure in all the locals and visitors alike.

San Sebastián is known as a culinary mecca, as it holds one of the highest numbers of Michelin stars per square meter, just after Kyoto, Tokyo. And there is something for every budget, from high-end Michelin feasts to bite-sized pintxos along Parte Vieja. It is so easy to indulge.


Pintxos Crawls

Pintxos crawls are the best way to learn about the city through taste.

At every pintxo bar, order a drink (wine, txakoli, sidra, vermut, or beer…or all the above) and one or two pintxos, which is known in other parts of Spain as tapas. Every pintxo bar, from the traditional to the modern, has a specialty.

Remember, pace is the trick. And don’t be intimidated. Spaniards are incredibly warm and willing to help.

After the crawl, you can easily burn off all the calories by exploring the city’s beautiful natural, architecture, and mercados, the local markets with the freshest produce, fish, and meats.


San Sebastian coastline from Monte Igueldo. The beautiful blend of beach, historical old town, industrial city, and residential city
Pintxos crawl!
Pintxos crawls all over the Old Town, Parte Vieja. Start hungry and thirsty. Have a drink and bite at your chosen bars, and repeat that for the rest of the night!
The scene of a traditional pintxos bar. Order a drink, get a plate, have a pintxo or two, and pay before you leave
Sidra pour. The traditional way to pour Spanish cider
A modern pintxos bar. San Sebastian has it all, the old and the new. And they are all inviting and delicious
There are many little streets in Parte Vieja with hidden treasures where you can burn off the calories between bars and taverns
More walking through Parte Vieja with a view of the Cathedral at the end
Catedral de Buen Pastor, or the Good Shepherd Cathedral, completed in 1897
Centro, or central, where Parte Vieja meets the Cathedral. Clean, cultural, and historical edifices and streets which accommodate vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians
Mercado de la Bretxa, a local produce and wet market where chefs get their ingredients daily
Side entrance of the Mercado with vendors outside selling flowers and produce
Pre-packed bags for meals to cook at home. It’s so affordable to eat pintxos, but sometimes you crave a home-cooked meal and these bags make it effortless
Inside the Mercado, which is divided into sections for specific vendors. Here are the aisles for jamon legs
Fresh seafood and fish, including huge tuna with their premium bellies for sale
Various sizes, cuts, and prices of bacalao, salted cod. These must be soaked thoroughly before cooking to remove the excess salt
San Martín shopping center and two floors of the mercado
More modern markets
Inside the modern mercado, a clean indoor market selling fresh fish, meats, and produce
The ocean views from San Sebastian
Parking lot for boats along the coast
La Playa de La Concha, one of Spain’s most known beaches and one of the best city beaches
With the city in the backdrop, just minutes away for the best of both worlds


San Sebastián


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