Beyond the cooking class


Thailand is truly a destination for food lovers.

If you enjoy Thai cuisine, try a cooking class in every city you visit as the regions of Thailand offer varying tastes and dishes distinct to their province. There are classes for every budget – from private kitchens to first-class resorts.

Cooking classes typically include a morning market visit, followed by a hands-on experience in a kitchen, and then, of course, feasting on your creations.

Luxury hotels and resorts offer guests a discerning education from reputable and highly-trained chefs in incredible one-of-a-kind environments.

In the northern mountains of Thailand, Chiang Mai is a popular destination for culinary fans wanting to eat and learn about northern Thai food, also known as Lanna cuisine influenced from the ancient Lanna Kingdom.


Four Seasons Chiang Mai Cooking School

For a genuinely unforgettable experience, look no further than the Four Seasons Chiang Mai Cooking School. In the natural beauty and greenery of the property, the setting is like no other.

The resort caters to experienced cooks and to beginners teaching traditional Thai and northern recipes. You can take a class for one day or for a full week.


Chef’s Table

And, for a unique experience beyond the cooking school, the resort offers a Chef’s Table – a novel way to learn about Thai cuisine in an intimate setting.

Open to guests and non-resort guests alike, the Chef’s Table combines Thai cuisine education, cooking demonstrations, and a dining experience set in a culinary pavilion.

It all starts with cocktails to take in the nightfall setting. House wines, beers, and non-alcoholic beverages are inclusive of the night.

The chef then introduces the menu for the evening, starting with traditional bites and appetizers. Guests nibble and dine on ten dishes, many shared family style, while the chef and the team of cooks prepare the meal throughout right before your eyes.

The Four Seasons Chiang Mai Chef’s Table goes well beyond the cooking class with an exclusive culturally educational feast pampering and surrounding all your senses.


The mountainous backdrop of Chiang Mai
A view of the Four Seasons Chiang Mai villas
Chef's Table dinner at the cooking school of the Four Seasons Chiang Mai
The Cooking School Pavilion with four major stations for cooking and prep, each topped with huge stone exhausts
Within each of the four stations are substations with burners.  Perfect for cooking many courses, and perfect for cooking school students to have their own cooking station
Local spices and produce all beautifully arranged. And look at those huge mortars and pestles!
Fresh coconuts, dragonfruits, mangos, pineapples, and more local seasonal fruits
Outdoor sink to wash hands before and after cooking
Chilis in a mortar. Such a fitting centerpiece for the setting
Our exclusive dinner for 4!
High ceilings, wooden structures, huge stone exhausts, and the fresh mountain breeze.  This is one of the most beautiful dining settings
A massive wooden table spacious for up to 12 guests
Main course setting. Every piece of the tableware is completely Thai and local
The night’s menu.  The first five dishes carved into one side of the slab
The other side of the wooden menu with the last five dishes
Miang Kum.  A traditional party starter.  Betel leaves with dried shrimps, coconut, lime, fresh ginger, roasted cashews, bird’s eye chili, and fresh shallot with a tamarind sauce
Chef Meow demonstrating the proper assembly of Miang Kum
Chef cooking the filling of the “Golden Cups”
Freshly fried cups with the filling cooked by the chef. Another perfect starter for the night
Preparing the main dishes. The chefs adjust the spice level according to the guests’ preferences
Chef Meow are her assistants. Making dinner for us, all around us, as we ate.
Chef Meow with her team
Thai White Wine.  Monsoon Valley 2009 Blended White
Thai Red Wine. Monsoon Valley 2010 Shiraz
Thord Mun Pla. Deep fried marinated fish cakes on lemongrass skewers
Yum Nua. Spicy grilled marinated beef salad in a dragonfruit
Tom Yum Goong. Spicy prawn soup with lemongrass
Chuchee Pla Tub Tim. Deep fried crispy ruby fish with creamy red curry sauce
Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai. Green curry with chicken, coconut milk, and sweet basil
Kaow Niew Mamuang and Tim Ta Krai. Sticky rice with mango and coconut sauce, and Thai lemongrass ice cream in a frozen guava


Four Seasons Chiang Mai
502 Moo 1
Mae Rim-Samoeng Old Road
Chiang Mai, Thailand
6 nights a week, for up to 12 guests
Advance reservations required

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