UPDATED September 18, 2018

Guides for Beyond Major Cities in Japan

When traveling through Japan, you must include smaller cities and town to see all that Japan has to offer. Beyond major cities in Japan, you can see the country’s beautiful natural settings and how the country is amazing in every way.


How to Travel Around Japan

How to Take a Bullet Train in Japan
How to Use Japan’s Luggage Delivery Service


Mt. Fuji & the Surrounding Lakes

A Guide to Mt. Fuji’s Fuji Five Lake and Lake Kawaguchiko
How to Get to the Mt. Fuji Climbing Station (and what to do if it rains!)
Wine Tasting and Wine Tours in Japan



We’re on the wrong train! Misadventures from Osaka to Nara
Feeding Deer in Japan’s Nara Park



Luxury Ryokan Review: Hoshino Resorts KAI Enshu in Hamamatsu
5 Things to Do in Lake Hamana
Strawberry Picking in Japan



Drinking in Hokkaido
Ice Fishing in Hokkaido


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