Strawberry Picking in Japan

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A day trip to Izu from Tokyo for fruit lovers


Tokyo is a bustling capital dense with citizens and tourists. If you have a day to spare, get out of the city for fresh air to explore the countryside.

The most popular day trip from Tokyo is to Hakone to get a closer view of Mt. Fuji on Lake Ashi. After taking in those sights in the morning, head west to Izu.

Izu is in the Shizuoka prefecture where some of the country’s finest fruits are produced – oranges (known as satsuma or mikan), musk melons, apples, and strawberries.

The farms growing these fruits allow visitors to experience something incredible: All you can pick and eat of the fruit on their farm. It’s amazing.

In Izu there are over 50 strawberry farms offering this tasting from January to May. The farmers produce two kinds of strawberries – akihime (large and sweet) and benihoppe (deep red and sour).


Ootomi Farm

At Ootomi Farm 2,100 yen ($18 USD), or less depending on the farm and when you go, bought 30 minutes to indulge in the best strawberries in the world.

You are given a plastic container with condensed milk, which further sweetens the intense strawberry taste. The farmer shows you how to twist the strawberry off its stem.They are already cleaned and ready to eat on sight. You are on your own to walk through aisles and aisles of strawberry beds for 30 minutes.

Hands down, this is my favorite food experience to date.

I was so caught up in the excitement that I only managed a few photos. But! I did take snaps between bites (which reminds me: Follow me on Snapchat for fun behind the scenes feeds during my travels – @foodicles).

Foodicles Izu Strawberry 1
Ripe and ripening strawberries in their beds
Foodicles Izu Strawberry 2
Dipped in condensed milk
Foodicles Izu Strawberries 3
Pick and eat ALL you can.  And, I really tried…

Snapchatted! (@foodicles)


Ootomi Farm
1124 Kitaema
Shizuoka Prefecture

Nirayama Strawberry Picking
Shizuoka Prefecture

Ema Strawberry Picking
Shizuoka Prefecture

Izunagaoka Strawberry Picking
Shizuoka Prefecture

Ichigo Land Nakanishi

Shizuoka Prefecture

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