Planning to Climb Mt. Fuji, and Planning for the Backup Plan

There are multiple starting points to climb Mt. Fuji. This will guide you to get to the Mt Fuji Climbing Station for the Yoshida Trail:

From Tokyo to the Mt Fuji Climbing Station

From Tokyo:

◦ Take the JR Chuo Line from Shinjuku Station to Otsuki Station, 1.5 hours

◦ From the Otsuki Station, you will hop on another train to the Fujikyuko Line

◦ Take the train to Kawaguchiko Station, 1 hours

◦ At the station, buy bus tickets for the Yoshika Trail 5th Station, also known as the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station, 50 minutes

◦ Note, save money and buy the round-trip bus ticket


What to Do At the Mt Fuji Climbing Station If the Weather is Bad

When you make it up to the climbing station and the weather is too harsh to climb Mt. Fuji, you can still make the most of your journey with all that the climbing station has to offer. Once there, you can buy high-quality souvenirs, feast on a decent meal, exchange cash for yen (it’s a great rate at the gift shop), or simply take photos around the area.

Mt Fuji Climbing Station
The bus ride up to the climbing station. As the bus kept taking turns up the mountain, the clouds swept by faster and faster and the rains kept increasing into a full-blown storm by the time we arrived at the 5th Station
Mt Fuji Climbing Station
The starting point for the Yoshida Trail at the 5th climbing station. This is the highest point for cars, buses, and transportation. This is where you can start your hike up to Mt. Fuji. You can come here as a climber or as a tourist to get as close to Mt. Fuji as possible
Mt Fuji Climbing Station
Come here for lunch! There are a couple of restaurants at the 5th Station. Both are casual and cafeteria-like, but with comfort food selections to warm you up. It’s a great place to grab a hot bowl of udon that comes with a Mt. Fuji fish cake
Mt Fuji Climbing Station
Don’t forget to buy souvenirs! You can buy apparel to remember your climb or visit the climbing station and you can even buy so many food souvenirs. The food products are shaped like Mt. Fuji making it a memorable purchase to bring home or to share with others


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