Beachside Dining Experience

Mandarin Oriental, Sanya boasts of stunning views of the South China Sea and breathtaking sights of the sunset.

There is no better place to enjoy the magic hour settling into the night than at Fresh, the resort’s beachfront restaurant.

Fresh presents Modern Australian cuisine in a relaxed beachside environment. The approachable dining experience highlights the views, the beach, global and local flavors, and the Mandarin Oriental high standard, etiquette, and hospitality.


The Chef

David Pooley joined the Mandarin Oriental, Sanya team in December 2015. With his experience and career in Sydney and in Asia’s five-star hotels, he brings his talents and techniques onto the plates of Fresh and throughout the resort (as you can also see him in the mornings overseeing the breakfast buffet stations).

Chef Pooley presents a Modern European touch alongside the inspiration from Chinese and Hainanese ingredients. The result is a beautiful display of artful plating and tastes lavishly filling all the senses.


Mandarin Oriental, Sanya: Fresh

Fresh’s cuisine focuses on seafood, both freshwater and saltwater fishes and shellfish. The menu offers a la carte choices, plates to share, and a tasting menu highlighting the best of the season’s ingredients.

The tasting menu takes guests on a journey around the world starting and ending on the beaches of Sanya. The ingredients, tastes, and textures transport you to Australia, Europe, China, Japan, and beyond.

The composition of the tasting pairs perfectly with the beach in that the dishes are not overly indulgent; rather, they are as the name of the restaurant implies, fresh.

(Note: When the rainy weather persists through the evening, Fresh’s dinners are held inside Yi Yang)


Mandarin Oriental Sanya Series

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Starting the evening with a glass of Zonin Prosecco. The sparkling wine awakens your palate and gets your mood happy and hungry for the beachside inspired tasting menu. When dining at Fresh or Yi Yang, it is ideal to have an early dinner to enjoy the rest of the sunset
Coffin Bay Oysters. With a Hainan lime, sherry vinegar, pumpkin, and yellow chili sauce (in the test tube). This is an introduction to the theme of the night. Local inspiration, with the lime and chili, blending with the modern Australian touch, in the case the Australian oysters
Kingfish Ceviche. With dashi eggplant, nori, and tomato essence. This dish demonstrates the Japanese influence of subtlety in which the freshness of ingredients is the focal point of every bite
Next pairing: Pascal Jolivet Sancerre Blanc. Crisp, clean, and refreshing. A wisely chosen white wine to pair with the next set of seafood dishes
Smoked Salmon Consommé. With roe, cauliflower custard, and enoki. When presented at the table, the server allows you to admire the artful plating. When you are ready, the consommé is then poured over
The completed dish. Another dish where subtlety and fine texture are the focal points. With the custard, egg, and umami flavors, the dish is reminiscent of the Japanese chawanmushi, a savory steamed egg custard appetizer
Butter Poached Prawn. With dried citrus, ricotta gnocchi, and bisque. The progression of the tasting menu begins to elevate with this dish. The deep flavor of the bisque boldly shines. The prawns are impressively perfectly cooked. And that gnocchi are so light, airy, fluffy, and seasoned on the pan. Every bite wins
The third pairing as the meal transitions to meat courses. Luis Cañas Rioja. Spanish wines have such a versatility making it a smart pairing choice when it comes to a meal with Asian notes and flavors
French Pigeon. With fennel, yuzu salt, “fried” jasmine tea rice, and tortellini. The roasted pigeon and tortellini, which can equate to a dumpling, are like an ode to Chinese cuisine. The fennel adds a bright, fresh, texture to the overall experience
Milk Poached Black Cod. With brandade croquette, wild leek, spinach, and lemon courgette. The seafood option for the last savory course. Like the prawn, the cod is perfectly poached with the contrast of textures from the croquette
Cepe Ash Beef Sirloin. With black garlic, speck, roasted tomato, liquorice, and brie brick pastry. The meat option for the last savory course. The presentation alone is a beautiful contrast of colors
Despite the rains, the flavors of the evening are truly made for a beachside experience. The breeze of the outdoors from the ocean enhances every bite bursting with umami flavors
Rosemary, blood orange, Prosecco, meringue. The first of two dessert courses which also plays as the palate cleanser course. The sorbet in a bowl is placed in front of you before the shot of Prosecco infused with rosemary is poured over
White rum, roasted pineapple, gelee, textures of coconut. The finale to the tasting menu represents everything about Sanya. From the presentation to the taste and textures, every moment on your palate is tropical and breezy
Handmade petit fours. Like all proper tasting menus, the chef gifts diners with one last sweet treat. Chocolates on a thin marshmallow sandwiched on a stick. A fun ending to an equally fun beachside dining experience


6pm to 10pm
Tuesdays to Sundays

Mandarin Oriental, Sanya
12 Yuhai Road
Jiyang, Sanya City
Hainan, China
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Disclaimer:  This stay was graciously hosted by Mandarin Oriental, Sanya.  All opinions, as always, are my own.

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