Mandarin Oriental, Sanya: Spa & Wellness

The Spa

Set alongside the lush hillside of the Mandarin Oriental, Sanya, The Spa is a 3,200 square meter facility full of tranquility and serenity for the ultimate beachside pampering.

The Spa Village has 18 treatment suites, including 8 couples’ suites and 2 VIP villas. The 8 single spa suites each contain a steam shower, oversized outdoor bathtub, and rain shower. And, all the treatment facilities have heat and water experiences.

The comprehensive menu features massages and treatments to attain physical and mental well-being, balance, equilibrium, and inner peace.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Furthering the goal for well-being, the spa offers Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) detoxifying treatments, which is the only spa in Hainan licensed to do so.

The Detox Retreat resorts and rejuvenates the body and mind, with treatments catered to each guest personally.

Beyond the spa treatments, guests can also experience Qi Gong and Tai Chi from a Shaolin Kung Fu Master and yoga from a yoga master.

Master Hu, the in-house Shaolin master, is one of the star attractions of Mandarin Oriental, Sanya. He travels the world to promote the Zen life, Chinese philosophy, and the Mandarin Oriental, Sanya.

Additionally, Master Hu teaches guests how to translates Chinese philosophy to life philosophy in his traditional tea ceremony class highlighting Zen tea, which is the refreshment for the mind.


Digital Detox

Starting this past September, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group worked with the Mayo Clinic to promote a Digital Detox program in all its spas worldwide.

The detox explores ways to manage the relationships with technology and the stress that can come with a digital lifestyle.

With any treatment, guests are provided with wellness advice and activities to disconnect themselves away from technology.

Guests surrender their phones at the start of their chosen treatment. They are then given an opportunity to meditate, journal, take notes, or simply enjoy the silence. After the treatment, revitalized guests reclaim their device which is repacked in its own protective digital shielding.

Stepping away from the spa facilities, guests enter back into the digital world with a mindful knowledge of personal boundaries for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


The Fitness Center

Guests can also sweat their way to good toxins in the Fitness Center, located on the second floor of the Recreation Center.

Mandarin Oriental, Sanya boasts having the island’s most technically advanced gym, complete with treadmills, bicycles, rowing machines, free weights, kinesis machines, and stretching mats. There is a separate room for yoga and mat pilates.

Guests can request for on-site trainers for private lessons. Beyond the walls, the resort provides outdoor tennis courts, water activities, and a jogging path around the property.


Gourmet Healthy Delights

To complete the encouragement of a healthy lifestyle, the resort offers Gourmet Healthy Delights in the menus of their restaurants.

The Wellness Gastronomy concept was created by a French naturopath, Liliane Israel. Working with the resort’s chefs, the menus in the Pavilion and Yi Yang offer mindful choices for dishes which are natural, unprocessed, and full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and essential nutrients. Light Delights help manage weight, while the Vitality Boost provides energy and nutrition levels.

Without sacrificing taste, the dishes successfully connect the pleasure of dining with the awareness of eating mindfully and wisely.


Mandarin Oriental Sanya Series

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  2. 2. Rooms, Suites, and Villas
  3. 3. Daily Cooking Classes
  4. 4. Dining Options
  5. 5. Fresh – MO Sanya’s signature beachfront restaurant


Welcome to the Spa Village. The reception lounge warmly greets guests in a well-lit air-conditioned space to allow guests to review the spa menu and treatments, check-in, have a cold cup of tea
Before or after your spa treatments, you can savor in the quiet serenity of the landscaped village either outside or inside on these daybeds furnished with a landing for cold tea or water. Just sitting in these daybeds transfers you into the relaxing spa mood
Outside, guests can enjoy the floating reception area with benches on the water. Water treatment adds to the serene tranquility of the environment in the Spa Village. The village is a perfect retreat and respite from everything
Within the Spa Village is another relaxing lounge area to take in the water facilities and even a sitting area right in the middle of it. A little farther down lies a soothing fountain moving the water
There are 18 treatment suites, including 8 couples’ suites and 2 VIP villas. The suites have their own individual steam showers and outside they have an oversized bathtub and rain shower for a complete heat and water experience
The couples’ suites include this massive bathroom, complete with a steam bath, shower, and changing area. The layout provides ample space for the couple to move around comfortably and luxuriously
And just a step outside, the suites are lavished with an outdoor shower and an oversized outdoor bathtub. Couples can luxuriate in this al fresco and natural stone setting
Head and Shoulder Massage. The daily activities change every day –  some even take place in the Spa Village. For couples, try out this head and shoulder massage lesson
The Spa Village is not just about massage treatments. It is a wellness center. Take a moment away from the stresses of life and listen to Master Hu share his wisdom about Zen tea and Zen life, and how both concepts can apply to make our everyday lives more meditative


Mandarin Oriental, Sanya
12 Yuhai Road
Jiyang, Sanya City
Hainan, China
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Disclaimer:  This stay was graciously hosted by Mandarin Oriental, Sanya.  All opinions, as always, are my own.

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