The Restaurants & Bars

Mandarin Oriental, Sanya offers guests eight restaurant and bar outlets located throughout the resort.

Between the breakfast buffet spread to the afternoon cooking classes to choosing between these eight restaurants and bars, you will want to stay at the resort as long as possible.


Mandarin Oriental, Sanya: Dining Options


Pavilion is the resort’s all-day dining venue with indoor and outdoor seating. The day starts with the impressive breakfast buffet offering stations for freshly squeezed juices and freshly cut local fruits.

The spread shows off the baking abilities in the bread and pastry station which is positioned next to the deli selections of finely smoked fishes, hams, and cheeses, to name a few.

Then there are the hot food stations, including the staple Chinese dim sum, noodle, and congee bars. The Western selections include an egg station for eggs cooked to your exact preference.

Following breakfast, guests can enjoy the all-day dining a la carte menu featuring Asian favorites, Western options, and healthy choices.


Yi Yang

When in China, you must have a proper Chinese meal. Yi Yang is the resort’s Chinese restaurant serving Cantonese cuisine as well as local Hainan specialties, like Wenchang chicken (also known as Hainanese chicken) and Dongshan lamb.

“Yi Yang” translates to “Near to the sea” which is fitting for the venue next to the Coral Bay on the South China Sea. Seafood dishes are a specialty of the restaurant, with popular dishes including steamed fish and braised abalone.


Mee & Mian

A beachside resort in China with a poolside al fresco noodle bar and views of the beach. So fitting and so perfect.

Mee & Mian serves varieties of handmade noodles from hand-pulled to hand-cut. If you want more than noodles or just a light snack, you can also choose from the selection of handmade dumplings.



There is something about swimming that makes you extra hungry, and under the warm summer climate of Sanya you also crave for some refreshing libations.

Wave is the sunken bar located in the pool. Swim up to the underwater stools and order a cocktail, beer, freshly squeezed juice or even a milkshake. If you are hungry, the menu offers bar snacks and even poolside dishes which you can nibble on while laid out on your day loungers.


Sunset Bar

After an afternoon swimming in the pools, walking on the sandy beach, and savoring the views of the resort, a classic or tropical cocktail at the Sunset Bar perfectly winds down the day.

The Sunset Bar offers the best views of the Coral Bay and the South China Sea. On clear days, you can catch breathtaking sunsets during that magic hour.

If you want to extend your stay at the bar, try the selection of Western and Asian bar bites or enjoy the sweet and savory bites from the afternoon tea menu.


MO Blues & Phoenix Tea House

For those guests wanting to enjoy a pre-dinner or post-dinner whiskey, MO Blues offers a range of whiskeys, cigars, and fine wines to sip and savor.

If alcohol is not your cup of tea, the Phoenix Tea House is for you. The tea house offers over a hundred varieties of tea.


Mandarin Oriental Sanya Series

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  2. 2. Rooms, Suites, and Villas
  3. 3. Spa and Wellness
  4. 4. Cooking Classes
  5. 5. Fresh – MO Sanya’s signature beachfront restaurant


Start your beachside resort stay with a cold local beer and freshly squeezed juice. The first sips of the refreshing drinks welcome you into this paradise as you take in the beautiful sights and warm breeze
The perfect meal in this Chinese tropical paradise. Mee & Mian is the resort’s poolside noodle bar by the beach. The menu gives you a choice of hand-pulled or hand-cut noodles which are freshly made each day
You can even have a comforting bowl of soup noodles. And if you want more or something aside from long noodles the menu also offers dumplings. Each order is generous and filling, and perfect to share
Condiments for the noodles. To enhance the flavors of the dishes, these condiments are provided to add texture, spice, saltiness, sourness, etc. Try each one and taste how the flavors can change the taste of every bite. Be careful of the local yellow chili – it’s habanero spicy
A complimentary fruit plate is given at the end of the meal. The gesture and flavors complete the experience of the afternoon meal by the pool and beach. The noodle dishes can be heavy from the starch, so this plate of fruit finishes your palate on a light sweet note
Breakfast buffet at the Pavilion, inclusive of the rate. Breakfast is truly the meal of the day at Mandarin Oriental Sanya. The spread includes a cold station full of freshly baked bread and pastries, delicatessen
One of the best parts of a tropical vacation is the fruits. The resort has a station dedicated to freshly cutting tropical fruits. The fruits are constantly sliced as this is one of the most popular stations for the breakfast buffet
Jugs of freshly squeezed juices from papayas, oranges, and green juice. The personal sized jugs and the bright color of the juice are visually appealing and another attraction in the buffet spread
Highlighting one of Hainan’s most popular products, coconuts. Coconut trees are found throughout the property making coconuts and coconut water abundant. Chilled coconuts are cut and the water/juice is filled into this container for an easy pour
The salad and delicatessen station are beautifully displayed. The selections are plated in lesser quantities and refilled often, guaranteeing the freshness. The highlight of this photo is the smoked trout which is delicate and full of that healthy fish fat and oils
Showing off the quality of the deli spread with a Berkel slicer. This is a top of the line equipment often found in high-end establishments cutting the finest hams and delis. It is displayed here not for guests to use, but for the meats to be freshly cut for them
The hot food stations. One station is dedicated to Chinese dishes, like fried rice and stir-fried meats and vegetables. One of the other side in the red bowls are soups and congee with a wide variation of condiments
Live cooking stations. The hot food is constantly cooked throughout the morning refilling the Western and Asian dishes. Western dishes include meats and sweets, like waffles, and an egg station
The Asian dishes include a hot noodle bar for freshly boiled noodle soups and a dim sum station with fried and steamed selections. Some dishes are changed each day offering a variety for guests staying longer
The steamed baos for breakfast. The baskets are full of buns of various flavors and fillings both sweet and savory, some seasonal and some highlighting local ingredients. Some of the baos even vary from day to day
The setting of Fresh, the resort’s signature beachfront restaurant opens for dinner Tuesday through Sunday. While the restaurant is closed, the tables and chairs are covered and protected from the weather. This is the dining venue to admire the best views of the beach and ocean
Chinese yellow rice wine called “Huangjiu”. The colors of the wine vary from clear to brown or brownish red. The drink is chilled and then garnished with salted dried plum and fresh slivers of ginger
Complimentary appetizers to begin your meal at Yi Yang. Pickled vegetables, fresh raw vegetables, and local mushrooms to stimulate your appetite for the Cantonese and Chinese dishes ordered
Wing beans sautéed in garlic. The simplest preparations can have the most flavor. This side dish of vegetables highlights the freshness and quality of ingredients found in Hainan and in the Mandarin Oriental establishment
The menu categories the local Hainan specialties, including this chicken dish with leeks. The flavors show off the clean quality of the chicken. Also featured on the menu are the Gourmet Healthy Delights which offer lighter dishes and dishes full of nutrients and energy


Mandarin Oriental, Sanya
12 Yuhai Road
Jiyang, Sanya City
Hainan, China
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Disclaimer:  This stay was graciously hosted by Mandarin Oriental, Sanya.  All opinions, as always, are my own.

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