All About the AIA Great European Carnival in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has endless fun for all ages. And, from now until mid-February, locals and tourists can enjoy the coolest carnival in the heart of the city.


Carnival Location & How to Get There

Central Harbourfront is home to the AIA Great European Carnival until mid-February 2019. The location makes for a fun day out for all ages, and most especially for young families.

You can easily access the carnival by all forms of transportation, including the MTR to Central or the Star Ferry to Central.

In the heart of the city. The beauty of the carnival is the city backdrop both during the day and with the city lit up at night. To avoid the crowds, go on a weekday or before lunch on weekends and holidays


Rides & Games

Rides and games are the highlights of the carnival. There are a few rides for adults and a wider range of rides for children as the carnival has made itself an attraction for young families. For all ages, games feature a variety of prizes that are both easy and impossible to win – so surely everyone will proudly go home with a stuffed animal.

As soon as you enter the carnival grounds, you will be greeted with rides for children. This year’s selection of rides has practically doubled so wait times for rides go by quickly. Make sure to fill your cards with enough tokens before getting in line
Then, of course, there are rides for the daredevils. At this angle, the top of this crazy ride looks as high as IFC. Unlike other carnivals, you can feel safer riding these rides because of their quality (and also given that AIA is a life insurance company)
You cannot go to the carnival without playing the games! Each game is about 2 tokens, equivalent to $20 HKD, and you will receive a fair number of chances to try to win a stuffed animal


Food & Drink

The admission ticket is a single entry access which means you cannot leave the premises to grab food outside and come back to the carnival later on that day or night. So, if you are hungry, you must find options within the carnival grounds.

Note that to pay for anything in the carnival, including food and beverage, you must add money as tokens into your carnival access card. You can find the red booths all around the carnival. 1 token = $10 HKD

There are limited food options that are not the greatest. The offerings are a good range, however, from pizza to Thai food to hot dogs to Hong Kong street food. For the safest choices, stick to the baked potatoes with toppings of your choice or the steamed corn with butter. Most of the dishes offered are more like snacks rather than a filling meal
The drinks selections, on the other hand, are quality and tasty. You can get milk tea and boba, fruit drinks, and even beers and wines. The price of a beer is $60HKD – so make sure you have 6 tokens for yourself


Price & Hours

Ticket Price:
Entry Only, $50 HKD
Adult Entry + 10 tokens, $130 HKD
Child Entry + 7 tokens, $90 HKD

11am to 11am everyday until Sunday, February 17, 2019
(Note: Closed on Friday, January 11, 2019 for a private event.)

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