Spain, Portugal, Morocco Moments

Here is a sneak preview of my favorite 2016 travels to Europe and Africa. Following my U.S. coverage next week, I will detail my favorite hotels, favorite sights, and favorite foods beyond this sneak preview.

Favorite Moments in Spain

Reuniting with this classic churros con chocolate at Chocolatería San Ginés. Comparing the different churros around Madrid, this tourist hotspot is always crowded for a good reason: it serves on the best churros in town. Light and crispy with a perfect bite. You will probably not want to share the plate with your friends and family
Jamón tasting all the best brands in Spain, from Joselito to Cinco Jotas to Arturo Sanchez. The clear winner is Arturo Sanchez because of the suave, creamy fresh taste of the jamón with huge depth of flavor
A new favorite. Regalitos from El Anciano Rey de Los Vinos. This roasted oxtails wrapped in a crispy wrapper are truly a gift. They are perfect with a glass of tempranillo or an ice cold Spanish vermouth. It is an indulgence worth repeating at least twice during a stay in Madrid
My new favorite drink. Spanish vermouth, locally called “vermut”, differs from the Italian version with more herbal botanicals and the use of local Spanish red wine. Ice, olives, and a slice of orange bring out the depth and refreshing qualities of the drink


Favorite Moments in Portugal

Port in Porto. As a drink lover, I love traveling to the origins of wines, beers, and spirits. Sipping and tasting the varieties of port wine in Porto along the Duoro River overlooking the port wine bodegas is a travel goal and dream come true


Favorite Moments in Morocco

Dining by our private outdoor pool with a Moroccan meal made by our cooking class chef and served in our villa. Tagine de poulet aux citrons confit et olive du pays is a classic Moroccan dish with a wonderfully deep flavor from the cured lemons


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