Favorite Dishes at Man Wah at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

While many new, modern, and hyped restaurants in Hong Kong garner rave reviews from critics and bloggers, Man Wah at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong stands above the rest because of its class, elegance, and execution of deliciously authentic dishes. Here is a look into some of their best dishes:

Dim Sum & Appetizers at Man Wah

Dim sum at Man Wah is a must whenever you are in Hong Kong. The creations are classic yet playfully plated. Weekends offer a more special dim sum menu beyond the regular weekday selections.

If you miss the chance for dim sum, you can also order appetizers from the a la carte menu featuring the most delicious Chinese roasts and seafood dishes served per person. Even if you order a la carte, the dishes are served one at a time and plated like you ordered a most elegant tasting menu.

Man Wah
A selection of appetizers and dim sum. Char siu barbecue pork, taro puff with succulent abalone, and cracker crispy suckling pig skin. In this special menu, this plate was served per person. Typically, it is served in a larger plate and the servers offer to plate the food for you
Man Wah
Deep-fried crab claw coated with minced shrimp on a sweet-sour sauce and balanced in a winter melon so the claw does not get soggy on the sauce. A classic staple at the Man Wah that is a must order for seafood and fried seafood fans


Peking Duck at Man Wah

Aside from dim sum, Peking duck at Man Wah is another must have as the restaurant serves the most high-quality ducks that are perfectly cooked and properly cut and served. Read more about Man Wah’s Peking duck here

Man Wah
Peking duck, first way. The server expertly cuts and wraps the skin for you and your table to enjoy the first course of the duck. Depending on the how many of you are there and if you ordered a half or whole duck, each person should get at least 2 wrappers
Man Wah
Peking duck, second way. You have a choice of how you want to enjoy the second course of the duck – stir-fried, braised, or wok-fried. This the wok-fried minced duck with bamboo shoots served on lettuce – very typical way to have the second course but served so much tastier here than anywhere else


Main Dishes at Man Wah

After the appetizers and Peking duck, if you still want more the a la carte menu offers the most premium selection of main dishes – seafood, poultry, meat, vegetables, noodles, and rice. Do not be afraid to listen to the server’s suggestion of dishes to order. They give you a selection of choices and price ranges (as to not take advantage of you) of dishes that are more popular or most fresh for the day.

Man Wah
Whole steamed fish. A highlight of the meal and another must order because of the quality of the fish and the absolute succulence and meatiness in every bite. This is well worth the higher price tag if you love fish


Dessert at Man Wah

Finally, to conclude the meal you can end it with classic Chinese desserts, cold sweet soups, or bites. Keep in mind that you will also have a trio of Chinese petit four desserts that are a standard conclusion at all Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong restaurants

Man Wah
Walnut cookies at Man Wah. This is one of the three petit fours served at the conclusion of the meal that is complimentary. It is also one of the best, if not the best, petit four desserts in the whole hotel because of its full of flavor flakiness


Address & Hours

Man Wah
Dim Sum, 12pm to 2:30pm
Dinner, 6:30pm to 10:30pm

Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
5 Connaught Road
Hong Kong
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