Toritama in Hong Kong: A Must for Yakitori Fans

Hong Kong offers so many Japanese restaurants with various specialties like sushi, ramen, katsu, and yakitori. If you want the best, tastiest, and most authentic yakitori in Hong Kong, make reservations at Toritama.

Toritama’s Open Kitchen

Toritama is located on a steep, quiet street in Central just above the bars of Lan Kwai Fong. The restaurant has limited seating along the open kitchen bar, as well as a few seats by the front window and a private room for up to 9 guests. While not a requirement, it is strongly recommended to make reservations to guarantee a seat.

While dining at Toritama, you have the privilege of watching the master grill chef, who is a Japanese TV celebrity chef, and the European head chef, who trained in the original Tokyo location, grill over 28 parts of the chicken. The chickens are only 40 days old and are freshly slaughtered each morning before they are cooked for that evening’s dinner.

The open kitchen. As you can see, seats are limited around the bar. You can interact with the chefs and ask questions about the chicken parts. There are also 4 seats by the front window overlooking the street, as well as a small private room, and an outdoor smoking area in the back


Omakase or A La Carte

If you are unfamiliar with yakitori or any no preference of what to order, you can select the omakase menu with a choice of 7, 10, or 12 courses. Alternatively, if you know exactly what you want or have a preference for certain chicken parts and vegetables, make your own dinner from the a la carte menu.

Behind the menu, you will find a diagram of chickens detailing the cuts of chicken meat and the position of internal organs. That means the drawing shows the parts of the chicken meat and the internal organs in both the Japanese and English names


Food Photos from Toritama

Like in many authentic yakitori restaurants, you will be served fresh crudités with a miso dip. The vegetables are a great way to brighten your palate before all the grilled chicken parts come out. You are also served a grated radish and egg dip that you can use as a condiment for the yakitori
Chicken thighs (momo) and leeks. A classic yakitori skewer for beginner and expert yakitori fans. Look at that gorgeous charring. The food is properly and thoroughly cooked to ensure maximum flavor from the charcoal grill
Chicken meatball (tsukune). Another classic order that is typically dipped in the egg yolk sauce served at the beginning of the meal. The blend of the meatball is full of flavor and properly seasoned making this a must order skewer
Chicken wing (tebasaki). The highlight of the chicken skewers. The true test of a yakitori restaurant is in their execution of grilling and seasoning the chicken wing. Toritama passes with flying colors as it is perfectly seasoned with the crispy skin and succulent meat
Grilled rice ball (onigiri). Yakitori meals typically conclude with the rice dishes after the grilled chicken skewers. At Toritama, the onigiri is two smaller balls for one order. This is great to share especially if you want to also order the rice bowls
Toritama donburi featuring a trio of chicken: grilled chicken, ground chicken, and the egg all over rice. If you want to order a rice bowl, this is far tastier than the oyakodon (which on this particular night was under seasoned and underwhelming)


Address & Hours

G/F, 2 Glenealy
Central, Hong Kong
Monday to Saturday, 6pm to 12am
Closed Sundays
Reservations strongly recommended


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