The Luxury of Room Service at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Room service at the Mandarin Oriental is always a highlight of any stay because of its elegance, refinement, and, of course, the delicious restaurant-worthy meal.

Fine Dining in the Comfort of Your Room

The moment the server dressed in a white coat rolls in your room service cart, you know this will be no ordinary in-room dining experience. Room service at the Mandarin Oriental upholds the hotel’s luxurious attention-to-detail.

The server sets the table (or wherever you choose to dine in your room or suite) complete with proper plates and silverware. Then, your dishes are served hot from the warming cabinet with no worry that the food has been overcooked, soggy, or stale.

Finally, when you are ready, simply call in-room dining on your phone and the server will come back to clean up the cart from your room. All this while comfortably dressed in your terry cloth or silk robe.


Room Service Menu and Beyond

The standard room service is located in your room, typically with the set of Mandarin books located near the television. The menu contains breakfast, all-day dining, and late-night dining selections.

Insider Tip: you can actually request for dishes from the hotel restaurants. Look up the menu on Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong’s website or in-room dining can deliver a menu to your room. The dishes and plates are from the restaurants themselves and served just as tastefully and deliciously. This is ideal if you do not feel like dressing up for the restaurant or if the restaurant is fully booked.

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Food Photos

Room Service
Setting the table. In the bigger suites of the hotel, like this Tamar Suite, the living room area comes with a full dining table perfect for an amazing room service experience. Here the table fully set by the in-room dining server – just like in a restaurant!
Room service
The famous and the best Fish and Chips in Hong Kong. If you dine at The Chinnery or request room service from them, you must order these Fish and Chips. This is the most delicious cut of cod that is perfectly fried and stay crispy all the way to your room
Room service
Shepherd’s Pie. Another British classic from The Chinnery. This pie has high-quality chunks of lamb underneath the smooth mashed potatoes. The menu offers all the classics and favorites that you typically crave from a British pub and served with Mandarin’s elegance
Room service
Apple Tarte Tatin. The dessert menu seasonally changes highlighting the fruits of the season. While the main course dishes are generous and filling, always save space for their desserts to end the night on a sweet note


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