Rocacho: Amazing Paellas, Grilled Meats, and Fantastic Service

If you are looking for high-quality paella in Madrid, get out of the city center (where you will likely encounter tourist trap paella restaurants), head up to the Chamartin neighborhood, and dine at Rocacho.

Rocacho’s Neighborhood Location

Rocacho is located in the Chamartin neighborhood just blocks away from the Real Madrid stadium. Aside from its charming neighborhood appeal, the restaurant offers high-quality traditional Spanish flavors alongside first-class service and hospitality.

The name of the restaurant comes from the word “rock” as an inspiration to cook with natural materials like coal and firewood. Thus, meat, fish, and rice are the stars of the menu.

The interior of Rocacho is contemporary and inviting which creates excitement and anticipation for a proper meal ahead. There is a covered outdoor dining area which can open up for al fresco dining as well as inside seating
From the inside seating, diners can have a great view of the open kitchen, especially the Josper grill cooking up the meats, seafood, and rice dishes. While it is an open kitchen with a grill, the exhaust system does its job well as you come out without smelling


Relaxed-fine dining service paired with high-quality food

Rocacho excels in providing fine dining service as though you are in a 3-starred Michelin-rated restaurant. At the same time, the servers and ambiance have that warm Spanish hospitality and charm to relax the guests.

The meal begins with a complimentary amuse bouche of the day. In this case, it was a smoked salmon which pairs perfectly with your first drink of the meal (you can choose between Spanish wines or crafted cocktails)
Bunuelos. In line with the fine dine service, the server plates the appetizers for each guest. If there are extra pieces, then the plate is then placed in the middle of the table for the guests to fight over the last piece
Croquetas. One of the better croquettes in Madrid because of the quality of the frying, the crisp of the batter, and the moist creaminess of the inside of the croqueta. Plus, the taste is so well-seasoned and full of flavor


Hot off the grill

After the few bites of appetizers, it’s time for the main event – the grill! You can choose between grilled fish, grilled meats like steaks or baby lamb chops, and paella and arroz dishes. It’s a difficult choice, so come with big appetites or a large group to share all the food.

Grilled baby lamb chops. If you love lamb, this is the place to get. Spain has some of the world’s tastiest and cleanest lamb as it’s so tender and almost milky tasting. Even if you get the lamb cooked well done, it tastes so succulent and amazing
You must order a paella or arroz dish when you dine at Rocacho. The pans are cooked on the grill and come out presented at your tableside. The server then scrapes the pan and plates equally divides the whole pan for each guest at the table
Look at the gorgeous color of the rice! Each grain and ingredient is so packed full of flavor from its time spent simmering on the grill. This is absolutely a must order for all tables at Rocacho – quite possibly one of the best paellas in Madrid
And leave room for dessert! This tarta manzana is layered so thin that it makes it so guilt-free while incredibly delicious and a perfect way to end your meal at Rocacho


Address & Hours

Calle de Padre Damian 38
11am to 11:30pm
Reservations recommended


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