Japanese Perfection with International Cuisine

When I think of “Japanese”, I associate the words: food, high quality, and perfection. When the Japanese cook certain international cuisines, like French and Italian, that have been long-established in the country, they imprint their Japanese perfection.


Pizza in Tokyo

Pizzas are a long-standing craze in Japan, from the American styles to the authentic Italian pizzas. In Tokyo there are countless Italian restaurants and Japanese-Italian restaurants with amazing pizzas made from high-quality ingredients.

Pizza in Japan
D.O.C. Margherita at Serafina, located on the basement floor of The Palace Hotel Tokyo in Marunouchi. Serafina serves high-quality Italian pizzas in the financial district. The restaurant is often crowded during lunch and dinner; reservations recommended
Pizza in Japan
Japanese-Italian style pizza at Maestro Ks in Mitsukoshi Ginza. The Japanese influence comes with the ingredients and style of ham. They are able to make the crust deliciously chewy, fluffy, and perfect cooked all the way through


Pizza in Osaka

Pizza is delicious in the entire country. In Osaka, you can find high quality pizzas at Echi Ponte Vecchio in the Lucua department store in the Osaka Station. The restaurant proudly shows off its Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana certification.

Pizza in Japan
Margherita pizza at Echi Ponte Vecchio. The true test of a pizza is in the Margherita pizza. The balance of cheese, the low acidity of the tomato sauce, the cooking of the dough, and the bite of the crust
Pizza in Japan
The restaurant also offers seasonal ingredients on the pizzas. In many cases, the vegetables are the star of the seasonal pizzas, such as corn, white asparagus, and so on. Some pizzas are also locally flavored for the Japanese clientele
Pizza in Japan
During lunch, you can order from the set menu at more affordable rates than during the dinner a la carte menu. With the lunch set, you will get a salad, followed by your choice of pizza or pasta, and then a tea or coffee with a truffle


Serafina Tokyo
B1F The Palace Hotel Tokyo
1-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda
11am to 11pm

Maestro Ks
11F Mitsukoshi Ginza
4-6-16 Chuo, Tokyo
11am to 11pm

Echi Ponte Vecchio a Osaka
10F Lucua Osaka
3-1-3 Umeda, Kita Ward
11:30am to 3pm, 5pm to 10pm


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