Copenhagen Food Tour: Tasting the Best on the Foods of Copenhagen Culinary Walking Tour

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Introduction to Local Cuisine on a Copenhagen Food Tour

In any new city, you must explore and taste the local cuisine. While guidebooks, writers, and bloggers have endless “top lists” of where to eat, you can also spend half your day eating so well and learning so much on a food tour run by passionate food-loving locals.

Foods of Copenhagen Culinary Tours

Foods of Copenhagen’s culinary tours are a must for food lovers and travelers curious about the local cuisine. The tour introduces the most popular foods and the current food trends. It also gives a great overview of the city as the tour guide walks you through the neighborhoods while sharing stories of history and today.

There is a choice of the culinary walking tour, their culinary biking tour, and a food adventure in one of Copenhagen’s hotspot neighborhoods. Read more about it on their website


Watch a Sneak Peek of the Food Tour!

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Introduction to Classic Danish Bites

Copenhagen Food Tour
The Danish! The tour starts with how locals start their day – the danish pastry. Every coffee shop has their batch of croissants, cinnamon rolls, pastries, cakes, and more. Here are classic danishes from a legendary local bakery
Copenhagen Food Tour
And then, of course, the smorrrebrod – the Danish open face sandwich. When you pass by specialty restaurants, you will notice massively piled sandwiches. At this historic establishment, you dine the way it was intended as you spread the lard base before putting the toppings on your own
Copenhagen Food Tour
You not only dine at quality restaurants, but you also learn the history of the dishes you dine at from your well-versed tour guide who also shares a love for food and travel. Here you will have the classic kurry herring and meatballs
Copenhagen Food Tour
You cannot go to Denmark and not taste their cheeses! You will get generous samples of a handful of cheeses and even pair them with local cherry wine and jams. Plus, to get to this cheese vendor you will walk through an amazing food hall


Tastes of New Nordic Cusine

Copenhagen Food Tour
You can’t have a food tour in Europe without tasting their local alcohol. In this case, it’s a tasting of locally produced apple ciders that are fresher and crisper than other ciders around the world
Copenhagen Food Tour
The tour not only covers the classic of Danish cuisine, but also the current trends and hotspots in Copenhagen and New Nordic cuisine such as at this brewery restaurant specializing in seasonal fermentation
Copenhagen Food Tour
A Danish classic in a New Nordic manner. Porridge is a staple in the cuisine from breakfast to dinner – which includes oatmeal, risotto, and other cooked grains. This is another stand out dish (as they each and all are throughout the tour) that really brings out the comfort food factor to the tour
Copenhagen Food Tour
Finally, something sweet to end the food tour. At this stop, you can choose between the classic Danish chocolate, flodeboller, filled with fluffy marshmallow or a scoop of refreshing ice cream. This is a perfect bite to cap off such a great, well-rounded, and delicious food tour


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