All that you need to do on your weekend getaway in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is an ideal weekend getaway within Europe. With only 2 or 3 days in the city, here are the Top 10 Things to Do in Copenhagen:

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1. Ride a bike around the city

If you want to live like a local in Copenhagen, rent a bike and stroll all around the city. In fact, biking can be faster than getting a taxi which gets held up on the road because of all the bicyclists.


2. Stay at the newest luxury hotels

Copenhagen is the current hotspot in Europe for everyone to visit. As such, the city has numerous new hotels opening up each month, including the brand new Hotel Herman K by Brochner Hotels. Read the hotel review here


3. Explore Magasin du Nord’s food hall

Aside from the indoor/outdoor food hall, Torvehallerne, you should also check out the gourmet food hall in the basement floor of Magasin du Nord, Copenhagen’s historic and premier department store.


4. Taste the local salmon, bread & beer

While down in the market of Magasin du Nord, you can purchase freshly cut salmon and cheese, and have it right inside the market with wine and beer. Be sure to also have the delicious Danish bread and butter.


5. Walk along Nyhavn waterfront

Nyhavn is one of the heaviest tourists destinations that is never without a crowd, but worth strolling by to capture the architecture and colors. For Hans Christian Anderson fans, walk on the other side of the waterfront to see the apartment where he lived in Copenhagen.


6. Explore Copenhagen by boat

If you want to take a break from walking, get on a boat and explore Copenhagen. There are the massive tourist boats at Nyhavn, and smaller private boats out in the other docks. Most tours take about one hour.


7. Sample the Street Food scene

At each of the food halls, docks, and small islands, you will find the presence of Copenhagen’s growing street food scene. You can sample local and international small paper plates. This is a perfect lunch or snack during your day of sightseeing.


8. Tour the Royal Palaces

If you love history, head to the palaces and museums in Copenhagen. The Rosenborg Castle features the royal history from before the 17th century, while the Amalienborg Palace features royal history from the 18th century to today.


9. See the changing of the guards

While at the Amalienborg Palace, you can catch the changing of the guards. They walk together to each post to relieve the duty of the guards. You can see it from afar or even right up close to them as they march on the palace grounds.


10. Indulge at the best restaurants

You must have at least one splurge meal in Copenhagen. The city is bursting with amazing restaurants, like the newest one at Hotel Herman K, Roxie. At Roxie, you can have small bites or a 10-course tasting menu crafted by the Michelin-starred Kadeau kitchen team. Read more about Roxie here


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