The Good and the bad of the newest hotel in Copenhagen

After a weekend stay in Copenhagen’s newest luxury hotel, here is an overall review of the good and the bad at Hotel Herman K:

The Good

Centrally located

First and foremost, the hotel is centrally located near Stroget and Nyhavn. You can easily walk or bike to any of the major landmarks and attractions. At the same time, you can also call a taxi (using the Taxa app) and it can conveniently pick you up right in front of the hotel.

Hotel Herman K
Welcome to Hotel Herman K. You enter straight into the bar/lobby where you can look up to this impressive art piece. The hotel has a modern, industrial decor in the lobby with a modern bright look inside the rooms
Hotel Herman K
Across the street is the famous department store, Magazine du Nord. Food lovers must head down to the basement floor to enjoy the samples of the food hall and even dining on the freshest salmon inside the grocery

Spacious Suite

If you are two or three adults, you can comfortably stay in the suites because of the spacious configuration of the bed area and the sitting room. The sofa converts to a full-size bed with room for a small table and chairs. Plus, there is also a balcony to enjoy the warm summer days or cool nights with a cozy blanket.

Hotel Herman K
The bed area. The bed is massive oversized king bed in which two people can comfortably rest on a nice firm bed. The attached side tables from with USB charging stations and a small landing. The room is spacious enough for your luggage to line the walls without making the room feel cramped
Hotel Herman K
The sitting area is equally spacious even if you open up the sofa as a bed. Many other hotels tend to have darker lighting at night. One of the nicest things about the rooms here is how well lit they are and even more so because of the white decor further brightening up the room
Hotel Herman K
The suite also has a balcony with two seats and a side table. Plus, for cool nights and cold Copenhagen days, there is a large, fluffy blanket to warm you up while you enjoy the fresh air in your private deck

Best Breakfast

Start your day with an amazing breakfast spread of local bread, pastries, fruits, yogurts, muesli, cheeses, cereals, salads, and more. Plus, you can order egg any way you like it, avocado toast, Danish pate, pancakes, oatmeal, or other hot selections. On top of that, you can even have champagne or cava to ease in your day.

Hotel Herman K
The impressive breakfast spread. Do not miss out on the croissants. So light and not overly buttery. While the cold selection is massive, you can still start your day to healthily with all the fruits, vegetables, and whole grain bread
Hotel Herman K
You can have freshly squeezed orange juice, apple juice, or tomato juice. Plus there is coffee any way you like it, hot chocolate, teas, and even champagne or cava. The drinks alone are a fun start to your day at Herman K
Hotel Herman K
Avocado with rye bread. A big win for avocado toast lovers. The topping of chilis and chili oil adds a nice kick with the rustic rye bread pairing nicely with the smooth, creamy avocado. A most healthy first meal of the day
Hotel Herman K
Danish pate with potato rosti in the background. The menu states that the pate is a local breakfast item. The pate comes out hot and tastes light and fluffy compared to cold, rich pates. If you have this with grainy bread, it can balance out the guilty feeling of having pate for breakfast

Drink the day and night away

Aside from bubbly for breakfast, the hotel offers guests wine hour in the late afternoon, cocktail hour for a nightcap, and even an inclusive mini bar. Such a perfect recipe for a most relaxing hotel stay.


The Bad

Towels are too fresh – as in not even washed

As the hotel just opened on June 1, 2018, there are opening kinks that still must be worked out. The most notable is that the bath towels smell and feel as though they are straight out the box and not even washed. When that happens, you can smell the cardboard, the towel is way more fluffy than usual, and lint comes off of it and on to your clothes. It is the smell of the cardboard that is the most unpleasant part and the knowledge that you are not wiping yourself with a truly clean towel.

Bathroom Design

While the towels can easily be remedied, another notable critique is the design of the bathroom. In the suite, the shower in the bathroom is completely open, as in no enclosure nor curtain. The entire bath gets soaked from your shower, the toilet area, and the whole floor. There is a squeegee which you can use to bring the water to the drain, but you are in a luxury hotel – the cleaning should be done for you.



Apart from those two downsides, the hotel is so conveniently located in central Copenhagen with an amazing breakfast spread, a generosity of inclusive drinks, and a fantastic restaurant for dinner. Those upsides can make up for the couple of shortcomings especially if you are in town for a short stay.


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Disclaimer: Hotel Herman K graciously discounted my stay. All opinions as always are my own.

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