One of Southeast Asia’s Best Food Halls

While Japan has Asia’s best food halls, Bangkok rivals Singapore with having Southeast Asia’s best food halls on the ground floor of department stores. The best can be found in the city’s most premium shopping center, Siam Paragon.

Savory Street Food

The food hall stalls feature street food that you can count on for its quality ingredients and quality in handling. If you stay away from street food on the streets because of its questionable hygiene, Paragon Food Hall is your destination.

Thai satays. One skewer for 15 baht, less than 50 cents. Prices are just slightly above the typical street food found outside. The assurance of quality and cleanliness are worth the extra few baht in the long run
You can buy a variety of as many savory and sweet items as you like and then enjoy the food in the food court tables and seats. You can also purchase the food to bring home, your hotel, or eat on the road


Sweet Snacks

Aside from savory food, you can even indulge in classic Thai sweets, both snacks and desserts. There is the classic mango sticky rice with a colorful selection of sticky rice and small, crunchy Thai sweets to nibble on while shopping. Aside from buying and eating, walking around and letting your eyes savor the sights is equally enjoyable.

Khanom Buang. A classic Thai snack – crispy pancake/crepe filled with sweet coconut cream and salted coconut shreds. Cooked on the griddle and shaped into a taco. You can find this snack almost everywhere in Thailand
Thai Roti with Bananas. The roti dough is fried in oil and then shaped into a crepe and filled with banana, condensed milk, and more (depending on your choice of fillings). The whole experience of walking in Paragon Food Hall is a feast for your eyes


How to Buy Your Food

As tempted as you be to take our your cash in front of the food stalls to purchase the food, you must first head to the cashiers on the side to buy a Cash Card. You can exchange the card for the change after you are done.

With the Cash Card, you then can head back to the food stalls, point to the food or pictures of what you want to eat, and then give your Cash Card to the seller. Then, enjoy your snacks!


International Restaurants

If you want more than just snacks, you have a wide selection of local and international restaurants for a quality sit-down meal. There’s Thai, Japanese, Mexican, and more for everyone to happily enjoy the meal time.


Gourmet Supermarket

Aside from the food hall, you must also experience the Siam Paragon’s Gourmet Supermarket just next to the food stalls. You can shop for local snacks and ingredients (like fish sauce and sriracha), local fruits and vegetables, and even souvenir snacks to take home.

If you are hungry for more, there are tasting bars to enjoy fresh oysters, sushi, Italian cuisine, and so much more. On weekends, premium snacks are laid out which you can sample before purchasing. Sampling the snacks is one of the most fun parts about exploring Siam Paragon.


Address & Hours

Paragon Food Hall
Siam Paragon Shopping Center
991 Rama I Road, Bangkok
10am to 10pm


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