Chef Corey Lee’s Modern French Bistro

From his success at Benu (one of the top restaurants in San Francisco lavished with three Michelin stars and ranked 67 on the World’s Best List), Chef Corey Lee then opened a relaxed, yet refined modern French bistro in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco – Monsieur Benjamin. The restaurant is the perfect place for weekend brunch to leisurely splurge and feast on a most satisfying meal.

Drinks and Libations

Open up your appetite with a wine or cocktail from the Beverage Menu. The restaurant offers an excellent variety of French wines as well as strong cocktail to keep you happy for the duration of the meal and beyond.


Fruits de Mer, Petits Plats, and Hors’ D’Oeuvres

The leisurely enjoyment of weekend brunch equates to starting the meal with a few (or several) small plates and appetizers. And if you’re going to splurge at Monsieur Benjamin, you might as well begin with fresh seafood to pair with your drinks.

Monsieur Benjamin San Francisco
Japanese Sea Urchin with White Verjus. Uni as amazingly delicious as the best Japanese restaurants. Properly chilled, beautifully colored (without the black innards of the sea urchin) plump, and sweetly fresh-tasting (without that salty seawater taste) – the mark of a high-quality and well-cleaned sea urchin
Monsieur Benjamin San Francisco
Fried Frog Legs en Aigre Doux with Garlic and Lemon. A fun and funny presentation of frogs legs, as opposed to the delicate and traditionally chicken-wing-like presentation. The claws may be intimidating, but the panko batter and frying make the whole leg worth biting into
Monsieur Benjamin San Francisco
Steak Tartare with Egg Yolk and Pissaladiere Lavash. For those that hesitate to order raw beef, the preparation here at Monsieur Benjamin leaves you with no worry. Chilled and deliciously seasoned. And, perfectly matched with the thin, crisp lavash cracker
Monsieur Benjamin San Francisco
Seafood Sausage with Pine Nuts and Beurre Rose. A wonderfully light version of the traditional sausages served in French bistros. Every bite of this seafood sausage explodes with deep flavors of crab and scallops. A wonderful blend and an excellent plate
Monsieur Benjamin San Francisco
Pommes Frites with Aioli. A French bistro meal is not complete without a side of pommes frites – a classic order of french fries. And these are well-seasoned, crisp, and worth the extra calories to pair with your appetizers and small plates


Plats de Resistance

If you are still hungry for more beyond variety of small plates and appetizers, the main courses will surely fill you up. Weekend Brunch offers classic brunch plates, such as egg dishes and French Toast. If you want to really get full, you can also feast on duck confit, a burger, or steak frites.


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Monsieur Benjamin
451 Gough St., San Francisco
Monday to Wednesday, 5pm to 10:30pm
Thursday and Friday, 5pm to 12am
Saturday, 11am to 2:30pm and 5pm to 12am
Sunday, 11am to 2:30pm and 5pm to 10:30pm


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