The Best Meal You Will Have in Kyoto

If you have to prioritize one single meal in Kyoto, head straight to Katsukura. Do not go anywhere else, you will regret it. Once you taste the fluffy, flaky, panko-crusted pork cutlet at Katsukura in Kyoto, you not stop thinking about it and crave it until your next trip back to Japan.

Why Katsukura is a Must Have in Kyoto

While you think you can have katsu anywhere in Japan, and you can, you will never experience katsu like in Katsukura.

Katsukura in a chain that originated from Kyoto. While there are multiple locations throughout the country, it is somehow even better tasting in its hometown.

Katsu, or tonkatsu, is breaded pork cutlet. Katsukura has such a passion for the meal that each and every ingredient is not only regional and local but also so thought out as to why it is incorporated into your meal.

For instance, the breadcrumbs come from high-quality homemade bread for a fluffier texture and the rice includes barley grain for added fiber. Read more about the details of the ingredients in my previous post: Best Katsu Restaurant in Japan: Kyoto’s Katsukura

For locations and hours, check their website.

There are two takeaways after dining in Katsukura in Kyoto. 1) This was your best meal in Kyoto. And, 2) You never look at katsu the same.


Food Photos from Katsukura in Kyoto

Watch out for Katsukura’s subtle and discreet entrances in Kyoto – much like the Japanese people and cuisine which are subtle and discreet yet filled with so much substance and surprises
After passing through a nature-filled path to the restaurant’s door, you will note that each Katsukura location is completely different. This one has its frying station set up as a dining bar with tables for bigger groups downstairs
Homemade sauces, spices, mustard, and pickles. You can buy the katsu sauce and yuzu salad dressing. There is an English-friendly page in the menu that details the ingredients and purposes for each of the sauces
The best katsu you will ever taste. Look at this complete meal with all the sides that perfectly match and complement the katsu! Look at that fluffy, flaky, panko-crusted pork!


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