Fish & Chips, and Beer(s)

A day trip to Half Moon Bay means savoring the fresh seafood along the waterfront, whether it is sunny with blue skies or misty with a brisk cold wind. Then, a pint of beer from the local brewery rounds out the leisurely enjoyment of the day.

A clear day in Half Moon Bay. Too often the scene is cloudy and gloomy, but on these gorgeous blue sky sunny days a drive out to Half Moon Bay is worth it. The clean air, the view of the waters, and the taste of fresh seafood


Fish & Chips at Barbara’s Fishtrap

Barbara’s Fishtrap is a Half Moon Bay standard for locals and visitors from all over the Bay Area. Since its opening in 1971, lines have been constantly flowing out the door for this cash-only seafood shack. The small restaurant is homey, casual, simple, and always satisfies the craving for fish & chips.

Always a line out the door because of the small size of the restaurant combined with the quality and satisfaction of the casual dining experience. On sunny days, you can opt to order take out and eat your meal on the sidewalk’s tables and benches
Fresh made clam chowder, with generous chunks of clams. A cup of this immediately warms you up when it is briskly cold in Half Moon Bay. The order comes out quickly to ease your hunger from the wait
Artichoke hearts deep-fried in a tempura batter with ranch dressing. If you love fried artichoke hearts, Barbara’s Fishtrap cooks it to perfection with the lightness of the batter. Expect a massive plate to share with the table
The famous Fish & Chips with tempura batter fried in rice oil. The beauty of eating in Barbara’s Fishtrap is its consistency over the years. The taste and experience is always the same and delicious
A close up of the fish. Fresh quality white fish with a light, fluffy, flaky, airy, crunchy batter. All orders and portions are generous to share with the table. This classic order of fish & chips will go fast because of its light, deliciousness

Barbara’s Fishtrap
281 Capistrano Road
Half Moon Bay, California
Sunday to Thursday, 11am to 8pm
Friday, 11am to 8:30pm
Saturday, 11am to 9pm


Half Moon Bay Brewing Company

The wait at Barbara’s Fishtrap can take awhile. If it is longer than 30 minutes, cross the street to another Half Moon Bay standard and kill time with a pint of local beer at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company.

The coastal brewery is known for quality beers and a casual American/Californian bar scene, complete with a fire pit and the occasional live performance. You can even take home the growlers of their beer and bring the jug back for refills.

Mavericks Amber Ale. My go-to beer at HMB Brewing Company. The ale has a deep malty, caramel taste which is a great pint on its own or paired with any of the bar food items on the menu. You can also order samplers and flights to taste their line of beers
If you choose to eat at the brewery, the extensive menu serves classic American/Californian bar cuisine with deep fried selections, burgers, Californian-Mexican, pastas, grills, and more. The fried artichokes are not as good as Barbara’s, but the fluffy, beer batter pairs well with the beer
Fried Cod Fish Tacos. Dining by the water naturally makes you want to savor the fresh seafood. Fish tacos are a classic Californian dish to casually enjoy at a coastal bar. Here you can order the fish grilled or deep fried

Half Moon Bay Brewing Company
390 Capistrano Road
Half Moon Bay, California
Monday to Thursday, 11am to 8:30pm
Friday, 11am to 10pm
Saturday, 10am to 10pm
Sunday, 10am to 9pm


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