Head to the Beach this Winter!

If the cold winter is not your thing, head to the warm, sunny beaches around the world this winter. Here are 5 stunning beach trips for winter travel:

5. Maui, United States

For US travelers, Hawaii is the perfect domestic destination for gorgeous, warm beaches. If you want to avoid the crowds in Honolulu, head to Maui for not only beaches but also for whale watching and nature hikes.

Maui offers its visitors a stretch of resorts and beaches as well as public beaches with stunning sand that are worth the trip away from your luxury resort. Photo credit Falco Ermert


4. Sunshine Coast, Australia

Fly south for the winter, specifically down under to Australia where it is summer season. Queensland’s golden beaches and laidback locals are a draw for visitors around the world.

Check out Noosa’s Main Beach which is a trendy hotspot and beach village with calm waters and protected reefs. Photo credit Mikkel Roald-Arbol


3. Koh Samui, Thailand

Winter is the best time for travels to South East Asia as it is the middle dry season and temperatures are at its coolest (in the high 70s/mid-80s). If you want the Thai culture without all the crowds, consider a beach destination like Koh Samui with exclusive resorts.

Many of the luxury resorts on Koh Samui’s island have gorgeous beachfront properties as well as their own private boats to go island hopping


2. Boracay, Philippines

After six months of closure and rehabilitation, Boracay is back and cleaned up. While the island is still constructing newer roads and buildings, it is time to head to the beaches while they are at its cleanest.

The Philippines has some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches and softest sands. Boracay offers a whole range of travelers, from backpackers to luxe travelers, a chance to enjoy the best of the best


1. Maldives

If you want absolute luxury and a one of a kind destination, head to the Maldives and stay in incredible overwater villas and gawk at the epic turquoise waters. Winter season is the best time of the year as it is the driest months with guaranteed blue skies.

White sands, turquoise waters and luxurious overwater villas that rank among the best in the world. Those are reasons enough to visit the Maldives this winter. Photo credit Falco Ermert


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