Things to Know Before Going to Universal Studios Osaka

Every amusement park has its insider tricks to make your experience easier and more enjoyable. Here are some tips to know before you go to Universal Studios Osaka:

How to Get to Universal Studios Osaka

For the easiest way to get to Universal Studios Osaka, take the train. The JR Osaka Loop Line (and you can use your JR Pass!) has trains that stop right at the Universal City Station. Once there, you will walk through Universal CityWalk to get to the ticket booths and entrance.


Do you really need to buy an Express Pass?

The entrance free inclusive of taxes amounts to 7900 yen ( just over $70 USD). On top of that, you can purchase Express Passes for 3, 4, or 7 popular rides. The price ranges from 4200 to 7600 yen ($38 to $68 USD). The passes place you in shorter lines for select attractions, like The Flying Dinosaur, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, and Jurassic Park – The Ride.

You can consider purchasing an Express Pass during holidays and busy weekends. During peak times, waiting in the regular line can last over 2 hours. The Express Pass can cut that time in half.

Insider Tip:

If you don’t mind riding without your companions, you can skip the cost of the Express Pass entirely and head straight to the Single Ride Line that is available on select popular rides, like The Flying Dinosaur and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. In this line, you practically walk by everyone waiting and standby for an empty seat. For instance, when there are 3 people and you will fill in the 4th seat. The wait times can be even shorter than the Express Pass.


Pictures from a Day at Universal Studios Osaka

Universal Studios Osaka
Get ready to meet all your favorite characters! They are friendly and happily take the time to interact and pose with you in photos. Most of them are near the entrance of the park to greet you as soon as you enter the gates
Universal Studios Osaka
Take the time to walk around and explore all the themes at the park. At one area of the amusement park, you will even transport to Pier 39 of San Francisco – yet even cleaner with a respectful and orderly crowd
Universal Studios Osaka
Welcome to the famous Wizarding World of Harry Potter! First, explore and shop at the famous village of Hogsmeade where all the students and teachers escape to enjoy a pint, a meal, and to shop for school supplies and candies
Universal Studios Osaka
Hogwarts! The castle is so epic in person. In a photo opportunity like this, it actually looks like a Gothic-style castle in Europe. There is even a moat around the castle for even more picturesque views
Universal Studios Osaka
Hogs Head Brew tastes so much better than Butter Beer, plus it is actually worth spending money on! Pass the Butter Beer kiosk outside and head into the Tavern. You can purchase a souvenir mug with the beer, or spend less and sip on the cold beer in the regular plastic cup
Universal Studios Osaka
Stay for the Night Parade. This is no ordinary parade of characters walking down the street and waving at you. Instead, it is a moving theatrical performance with all the most popular Universal Studio characters!
Universal Studios Osaka
Don’t worry about the crowds exiting the park. Yes, it is crowded; however, it is Japan and everyone is so orderly about walking out and waiting for their proper turns in line to get on the departing trains. There are frequent trains that you will get on one sooner rather than later


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