Carry-on Essentials

Packing a carry-on bag takes as much detail as packing a checked-in luggage. The carry-on bag stores all the necessities for checking-in to the flight, for use during the flight, and for your essential travel electronics.


Step #1: Placing out everything to pack

Before choosing which of my carry-on bags to bring, I lay out all that I need for the flight. I try to keep it to a minimal, as it will literally weigh heavily on my shoulders throughout the transit. With that in mind, it is only the necessities for the flight and everything else goes into my checked-in luggage.

First, I lay everything out that I think I would need for the flight. All the check-in necessities, an in-flight kit, and my travel electronics. From that point, I eliminate the unnecessary or pack them into my checked luggage


Step #2: Choosing My Carry-On Bag

Once I have everything that I will need for my carry-on bag, it is then time to decide which of my bags is best suited for the trip. My overnighter bag with room for a sweater, my laptop bag for short work trips, my wheeled laptop bag when bringing heavier items, or my backpack if it’s a rugged trip. It is never an easy decision for me because I love all my carry-on bags.

I have grown up a Hartmann traveler. My family and I have used Hartmann luggage for decades. In recent years, I have expanded my collection with these 3 carry-on bags each with a different look and different purpose. I love the understated, classy look and branding of the company and its products


Step #3: Check-In Necessities

Check-in necessities include everything that you will need for the check-in process and immediately at the airport. You can store this in the front compartment of your bag for easy access, or organized together in a small pouch. If you travel long-haul flights on business class, save the complimentary amenity kits for future use in your carry-on or for small items for your checked in luggage.

Passport. E-ticket/Boarding Pass (either printed or downloaded on your phone). Cash for tips and credit card unexpected payments. Disinfectant wipes (because there are so many germs when flying). Pen for filling out immigration forms


Step #4: In-Flight Kit

Next is my in-flight kit. This is all that I will use during the actual flight when my carry-on bag is stored in the overhead compartment. To keep it all together and organized in my bag and during the flight, I use one of the amenity bags I have collected over the years.

During the flight, I always need my own set of headphones (as I would rather use my own than a sterilized public set), phone charger, portable charger in case the airplane seat does not provide an outlet, a pen for immigration forms, and my phone. Another tip is the take a photo of your passport information page so you do not have to take it out when filling your immigration form


Step #5: Carry-On Electronics

Finally, a carry-on essential is my electronics, namely my laptop and its charger. As a travel blogger, I cannot go one day without my laptop because of blog updates, social media posts, and editing new YouTube videos. Another essential is my vlogging camera and its equipment, the tripod, extra batteries, and SD cards.

My carry-on bag must always have the proper space and compartments for my travel electronics and its accessories. More amenities bags are used for its corresponding cords and equipment. For instance, one small pouch for my laptop and another small pouch for my camera


What’s in my bag?

Hartmann Luggage
Twelve South Laptop Cover
Canon PowerShot G7 Mark 11 
Joby GorillaPod 
RHA Earbuds
Paul Smith Wallet 
White Envelopes (for cash) 
Blank Stationery 
Disinfectant Wipes 


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