Day Trips to Popular Destinations that are only 30 minutes away!

When traveling around the Kansai region, consider staying in Osaka where hotels are more affordable than Kyoto and you can come back each night to a livelier city. Best of all, the major destinations are just a short 30-minute train ride away. Here are 3 easy day trips from Osaka:


Kyoto is an absolute must visit when you are in the Kansai area. The city oozes culture, history, nature, and, of course, there’s the amazing food. From Osaka, you have a choice of JR trains and local trains that are both a short 30-minute journey. That’s so easy for a full day trip or even just to go to Kyoto for lunch or dinner.

Day Trips
Fushimi Inari Shrine. The famous thousands of gates in Kyoto. Japan has set up tourism so well that you can easily reach attractions within the widespread city by train or local bus (note that the buses take exact toll only – this is the best place to use your coins)



Head to Kobe to eat! You can nibble on street food in Kobe’s Chinatown (one of the cleanest in the world) that opened in 1868. The area is also known as Nankinmachi. While there, you can explore the Motomachi and Sannomiya shopping arcades. Then, of course, find Kobe beef restaurants to indulge in Kobe beef in Kobe itself.

Day Trips
Aside from eating, discover the Port of Kobe with a rich history detailing the city’s tragic earthquake and its rehabilitation. Other notable destinations in Kobe include food shopping at Takashimaya’s food hall and sake sampling in the Nada district which is known to produce some of the country’s best sake



Animals lovers must all head to Nara. After walking a short couple of blocks from the train station, the deer start to greet you along the sidewalk. Find the vendors with the deer snacks and then get ready for them to flock all around you for nibbles. While not 30 minutes away, Nara takes about 45 to 50 minutes by train.

Day Trips
Many of the deer will hungrily approach you if you hold snacks, and many also chill and relax at the park. Remember to be respectful, gentle, and mindful of the animals. And, make sure to put away your trash and plastic so they do not eat them


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