Tips from a Travel Expert Who Always Checks In Luggage

Most international airlines include baggage allowance for at least one inclusive piece to check-in at the airport. Even if its included with your ticket price, there is still a great debate about whether or not to carry on or check in your luggage for international trips.

The Case for Carrying On Your Luggage

Today, the strongest argument for carrying on your luggage even if its included in your ticket price to check it in is that it is a faster exit from the arrival airport.

If you are in a rush to depart the airport once you arrive, then yes, it may be the best option for you to carry on your luggage. In which case, remember to pack your 100ml liquid bottles properly and make sure there are no wine openers, scissors, etc in your bag. You should also keep your carry on bag under the airline’s allowed weight limit. Consider bringing a lightweight luggage scale


The Case for Checking In Your Luggage

While the case of carrying on your luggage is valid for passengers needing to exit the airport as soon as they arrive, there are many strong reasons why you should check in your luggage:

◦ It is included in your ticket price. Why waste the money you are spending?

◦ Electronics take up enough space on your carry on

◦ You do not have to cram everything into a carry on sized luggage

◦ You can pack more – more shoes and outfits to have more variety each day – this is a great benefit for your travel photos

◦ You can bring back more souvenirs from your trips

◦ You can bring a bottle of wine on your trips or as souvenirs from your trips. Consider packing it in reusable wine protectors

◦ It is a hassle to keep a large carry on or a bulky bag with you while you are in transit at the airport

◦ Overhead compartments are often too small and cramped. Why stress with having to battle with others when you can sit back and relax knowing your luggage is safely tucked in the plane’s cargo?



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