Pros and Cons of Each Luggage

While there is no perfect luggage (because they will all scratch and damage soon enough thanks for airport luggage handlers), there are luggage designs that are better suited for you and your style of travel. Here is a comparison of the pros and cons of 2 wheel rollers versus 4 wheel spinners:

Pros and Cons of the 2 Wheel Rollers


◦ Rolls through rough terrain, over crevices, and on almost all surfaces

◦ Tucked in wheel design accounts for greater durability of the wheels


◦ Difficult to pull when luggage is heavy

◦ Bulky to maneuver through crowded airports and train stations


Pros and Cons of the 4 Wheel Spinners


◦ Easy to maneuver and glide on smooth surfaces

◦ Can move in every direction

◦ Far less weight to push and pull because of the upright design

◦ Can pull it like a 2 wheel roller


◦ Unstable on rough surfaces

◦ Significant damage and loss of wheels because of outer wheel design


Which is the Right Luggage for Your Travels?

The right luggage for your travels depends on your style of travel and your destination. Two wheel rollers are ideal for rugged trips to pull your luggage through rougher surfaces. Four-wheel spinners are perfect for trips when you are in transit through airports and train stations, such as on cross-country trips in Japan.


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