Travel Tips Compilation by Foodicles – The Complete List.

UPDATED May 17, 2019


Travel Tips for Packing

Travel Tips: Efficient Packing
How I Pack My Carry-On
How I Pack My Luggage
How to Pack Bulky Clothes (Jackets, Boots, and More)
Checklist to Pack for a Last Minute Trip


Travel Tips for Hotels

Criteria in Choosing Your Favorite Hotels
Pros & Cons of Using Hotel Booking Sites vs Booking Directly on Hotel Websites
Reasons Why to Stay at Hotels, And Not Serviced Apartments
Should You Spend for Hotel Airport Transfer Service?
Hotel Pillow vs Travel Pillow


Travel Tips for Flying

How to Book Your Flight & Find the Best Deals
Criteria in Choose Your Favorite Airlines
Calculating What Time Should You Really Get to the Airport
Carry-On or Check-In Your Luggage for International Trips
8 Things to Know about Free Flight Upgrades
How to Increase Your Chances for Free Flight Upgrades
How to Settle into Your Airplane Seat, A Short Checklist


Airlines Tips

Update on Cathay Pacific Airport Lounges in Hong Kong
Flying Cathay Pacific: What’s Better – Lounge Food or Airplane Food?
Flying Cathay Pacific: What food & Meals to Expect on Short Flights
Flying Cathay Pacific: What to Expect for Your Long-Haul Meals
Flying Cathay Pacific: Special Meals & Allergies
Getting from Narita Airport to Tokyo: Narita Express vs Airport Limousine Bus
How to Transit from Narita Airport to Haneda Airport (Or Vice Versa)
Review of Japan Airlines Business Class Sakura Lounge in Narita International Airport
Review of Japan Airlines Business Class Sakura Lounge in Haneda International Airport
Review of Japan Airlines Business Class: Manila to/from Tokyo (Narita & Haneda)
Japan Airlines Business Class Review: HND – SFO


Practical Travel Tips

Travel Insurance for International Trips
Should You Pay More for Rental Car Insurance on International Trips?
Travel Shoes: What You Should Wear for Comfort, Style & Practicality
Rainy Season Travel: How to Plan Your Trip on Rainy Days
How to Deal with Crowded Airports on Peak Travel Days
7 Tips to Get Through the Rush of Holiday Travel
8 Tips on How to Travel with Gifts this Holiday Season


Wellness Tips

Are Travel Vaccines Really Necessary?
Travel Expert Tips to Overcome Jetlag
How to Travel with a Healthy Lifestyle
7 Tricks for How to Stay Healthy While Traveling
5 Easy Ways to Stay in Shape
7 Tips for Making the Most of the Hotel Gyms
Alternative Exercises When There is No Hotel Gym
Stay Hydrated with Free Water During Your Trip
Watch Your Favorite Shows While Traveling


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