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Peninsula hotels are renown for redefining luxury hospitality. The quality of service extends to every detail of their ten properties, including to the unforgettable restaurant and bar experiences.


Dining at The Peninsula Shanghai

The Peninsula Shanghai has three signature restaurants and three bars for guests and locals to take in the fine setting along The Bund with the city lights of the Pudong skyline just across the river.


The Lobby Lounge

All Peninsula hotels welcome guests with a magnificent open space, high-ceiling lobby lounge. The Lobby Lounge at The Peninsula Shanghai is certainly no exception.

Guests can start their day with a most hearty breakfast set. The Shanghainese breakfast is a complete set with a basket of xiao long bao, the internationally known steamed soup dumplings which originated in this city.

After breakfast guests and visitors to the hotel can savor the all-day dining menu for lunch and dinner, as well as the afternoon tea which is a noteworthy treat at Peninsula hotel lobby lounges.


Yi Long Court

For classic Chinese cuisine in an elegant setting, Yi Long Court presents high-quality Cantonese and Shanghainese dishes for tourists and locals alike.

The ingredients, presentation, and service are of the highest standard ensuring diners of a most satisfying and pleasurable meal. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner every day, with a special weekend dim sum menu on Saturdays and Sundays.


Sir Elly’s Restaurant

Named after the grandfather of the current chairmen of The Peninsula Hotel Group, Sir Elly Kadoorie and his brother, Sir Ellis, are the two founding brothers of the parent company.

The namesake restaurant in The Peninsula Shanghai is a destination venue with stunning views of the city.

The menu presents a modern approach to French cuisine using the finest local and international ingredients for another unforgettable dining experience.

Aside from the beautifully plated masterpieces, the wine menu further impresses. Back in 2010, this was the venue for the first time I tasted a Dr. Loosen Riesling. That wine pairing with Asian flavors was like a gateway experience to the wine estate’s production, and it is still one of my favorite Rieslings to pair with Asian cuisine.

The wine left such a lasting impression that I even made a point to visit the Dr. Loosen Wine Estate during my recent trip to Germany (read about it here).


The Bars

The hotel’s signature restaurants are complemented by the three signature bars, a perfect nightcap to follow your meal.

Sir Elly’s Terrace is the rooftop bar on the 14th floor. The bar has some of the best views in the hotel to admire The Bund and the Pudong skyline.

Salon de Ning is Peninsula hotels’ standard lounge bar for a classy evening out. The lounge is closed on Sundays and Mondays, but guests can still enjoy the other bars in the hotel.

The Compass Bar is located on the ground floor with both an indoor and outdoor setting. When the weather is pleasant, guests can sip their drinks outside at the garden terrace. The menu offers bar snacks to pair with your drinks.


The Lobby Lounge. Start your day with a full breakfast set or a la carte dishes. Stop by the lounge any time of the day for their all-day dining menu. And, enjoy the legendary Peninsula high-tea afternoons
Foodicles Peninsula Shanghai Dining 2
Shanghainese breakfast set. When in Shanghai, start your mornings with this set, which comes with xiao long bao (soup dumplings originating from this city), won top soup, fried glutinous rice dumplings, a tea egg, soy milk, and your choice of tea
Foodicles Peninsula Shanghai Dining 3
Fried glutinous rice dumpling. A play of textures and flavors. The crispy, chewy bites are enhanced with the topping of pork floss. These little servings of dim sum are a fun way to start your morning in China
Yi Long Court, the hotel’s signature Chinese restaurant. A high-class, classic setting for classic cuisine with both Cantonese and Shanghainese offerings
The details in fine silver. A playful chopsticks rest in the shape of a boat, perfect for the setting along The Bund and riverfront
Peking duck service. When in a five-star Chinese restaurant, the quality, cutting, presentation and service of the Peking duck almost always leaves a lasting impression
The high-end quality of service includes assembling every wrapper so it is ready to eat, without the messy hassle of doing it yourself
Shanghai-style Peking duck. The skin is expertly sliced and de-fatted. You enjoy the crispy, lightness of the skin and the duck’s flavor. The Beijing-style includes a substantial chunk of meat cut with the skin
Foodicles Peninsula Shanghai Dining 9
Sir Elly’s Restaurant presenting Fresh cuisine in a contemporary approach with amazing views of The Bund, river, and Pudong’s skyline
Foodicles Peninsula Shanghai Dining 10
Roasted foie gras with kumquat, port reduction, and peanut three ways. An indulgent start with the generous cut of liver which is perfectly cooked and complement with the creamy peanut and sweet sauces to contrast the savory flavors
Foodicles Peninsula Shanghai Dining 11
Roasted quail with beets gorgeously layered and plated. The presentation of every dish is stunning and artful enhancing the flavors of each bite
Foodicles Peninsula Shanghai Dining 12
Mangoes and meringues. Mango gelee, meringues, fresh mangoes, and lime mascarpone whipped cream. A light, fruity finish to balance and sweetly conclude the hearty meal


The Peninsula Shanghai
No. 32 The Bund
32 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road
Shanghai, China
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