Best Pizza in Osaka (and learn about Vera Pizza Napoletana in Japan)

While the most-talked-about pizza places in Japan, like PST, are now from chefs who haven’t even been to Italy (rather, they learned from their master chefs and now they create their own interpretation for the Japanese market), it is important to taste and honor those pizza places in Japan that have proudly earned the Italian certification to make a truly authentic Napoletana pizza.

The Popularity of Napoletana-Certified Pizzas in Japan

The Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana is a strict certification honoring pizza artisans and restaurants who follow the exact requirements to make a true and authentic Naples-style pizza.

Qualifications include a specific flour with exact pH levels and density, a precise measurement of the dough’s base, exact garnishes with only approved ingredients, a wood-fired oven, and minimum temperatures of 485 C, or 905 F.

Today, Italy has over 200 Vera Pizza Napoletana certified restaurants, the US about 85, and Japan comes in third with 67.


Best Pizza in Osaka

In Osaka, you can enjoy some of the best pizzas in the world at Echi Ponte Vecchio a Osaka. Located at Lucua department store at the JR Osaka Station, the restaurant proudly has the world’s first wood-fired oven in a train station building.

Echi Ponte Vecchio serves its pizzas with simplicity, affordablility, and speed in a casual everyday atmosphere. They take into account the train station location as the locals are likely there for a quick meal before heading home on the train.

The menu offers classic choices of pizza as well as pasta. For the local preferences, the restaurant also showcases fresh, seasonal ingredients such as winter mushrooms as pizza toppings.

Why is it the best pizza in Osaka? Because of this relaxed, non-pretentious atmosphere, the easy-to-access location at the station, and most of all the taste, texture, and execution of the pizza itself. The tomato sauce is perfectly cooked with no acidity, the dough is perfectly cooked throughout the pie, and the crust has that heavenly pillowy, chewiness. Perfection.


Food Pictures from Echi Ponte Vecchio a Osaka

Margherita Pizza. The best test and truest form of a pizza is in its most simple state – the margherita pizza. In this pizza you taste the quality of the tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and the dough without any distractions
The beauty of this pizza is how the dough is perfectly cooked all throughout and underneath. It is perfect starting from the first triangle bite all the way to the chewy soft pillowy crust. The pizzas come out rather quickly, so you can order one pizza at a time to enjoy it fresh from the oven
Spaghetti alla Vongole. Aside from pizzas, the menu offers classic and seasonal choices of pasta as well as appetizers, such as salads and antipasti, and entrees such as grilled meats. For the best taste of the restaurant, order at least one pizza and then something else if you are hungry for more
With the lunch set, you have a choice to end the meal with coffee, espresso, or tea which comes with complimentary chocolate truffles. These truffles are as amazing as the whole meal because of the smooth richness of the dark chocolate


Address & Hours

Echi Ponte Vecchio a Osaka
10F Lucua JR Osaka Station
3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-Ku, Osaka
11am to 3pm and 5pm to 10pm


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