Exploring one of Thailand’s most beautiful island formations

Angthong National Marine Park is one of Thailand’s most incredible destinations with limestone cliffs, jungles, white sand beaches, lush greenery, waterfalls, hidden lakes, and so much more. The archipelago consists of 42 islands sitting close to each other in the Gulf of Thailand creating a most breathtaking panorama.

Private Day Tour from the Intercontinental Koh Samui

Visitors have an overwhelming choice of day tours to Anthong Marine Park. Many of them take large groups on a boat where you will have follow hoards of tourists to each area of the park. For a taste of luxury, book your tour with the Intercontinental Koh Samui.

The tour includes a personal tour guide, a speedboat crew, a generous lunch in a waterfront restaurant, snorkeling equipment, bottled water and soft drinks, towels, and park fees. All of this for 6,000 baht per person (about $200 USD per person) with a minimum of 6 persons to book the tour.

This tour is most definitely worth the splurge. If you are going to spend this much at a top-rated restaurant, it is equally worth this luxury day trip experience. You have the safety and comfort of a quality boat and you have pampering five-star service all day. Plus, the tour takes you on a well-thought out itinerary away from the tourist crowds to enjoy exclusivity all around the archipelago.

Welcome to your speedboat from the Intercontinental Koh Samui. This day trip experience from the hotel is one of the major draws to stay at this resort. You board from the resort’s port with the assistance of the boat crew. And also, meet Donut (as he said it, “Like Dunkin”), one of the boat’s trustworthy crew members


Hiking up Lagoons

After your speedboat departs from the resort, the first part of the journey takes about 30 to 45 minutes to reach the Angthong Marine Park archipelago. You will then dock at an island where you will hike up a steep cliff to bask in Emerald Lake and all the surrounding island formations.

At the base near the dock and beach, you can use the restroom facilities or buy snacks and beverages. Prepare yourself for a series of sharply steep steps and about a 15-minute climb up. You will spend about 30+ minutes climbing up and down admiring the various areas of the lake and lagoon.

Your journey has officially begun. While there are staircases for the hike, you may want to bring a pair of rubber shoes for the hike to protect your feet in case your slippers and feet are not durable enough for the climb
View point from the top. Here you can take in all the points of interests around Angthong National Marine Park. There are the other islands of various sizes and proximities each with amazing unique formations
View from the top of Emerald Lake. This view is your reward for the first initial climb up. The lake is named after the color of the waters below surrounded by lush green mountain formations. After the climb up, you will go down a series of steps to walk closer to the lake


Snorkeling & Touring Island Formations

Once your hike concludes, you will surely want to jump into the water to cool off. It is now the perfect time for snorkeling. The crew then takes you about 20 minutes away to Koh Wow where you will swim with amazing fishes and see incredible coral reefs. If you are a beginning swimmer, your guide will take care of you to ease any worries or hesitations

From Emerald Lake, your speedboat zooms off along these blue waters and winds around the small islands of Angthong National Marine Park. Along the way, you will see limestone cliffs, the preserved lush greenery, and islands of all sizes
One of the amazing islands you will see along your cruise through the national park. It looks like a man praying – how perfect in Thailand where the culture to say hello and thank you are praying hands like this


Lunch at a Floating Restaurant

After all that snorkeling, it is the perfect time for lunch. The crew takes you to a floating restaurant where you will feast on a seafood lunch. You will have soup, a fried platter, fresh crabs, vegetables, and rice. The meal itself and the setting add to the enjoyment of the whole trip.

Steamed local crabs. Each person receives a generous portion of food, including one meaty crab each. There are a mallet and board to crack the crab, and then you can wash your hands with kaffir limes and water


Private Beach Time

Finally, that filling lunch will make you want to just lay out and relax under the sun. That means it is beach time on your own private island. The crew takes you to the last part of the trip where you can lay out on the beach, swim in the water, play beach volleyball, and anything else you may want to do on your island.

This is the opportunity to take photos up close of your private speedboat. The boat docks on the beach where you can swim in the water. You can also buy snacks and beverages, like beers, to enjoy while laying out on the provided beach towels


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