Yakitori + Toro = A Top Chef innovation


Alberto Chicote

Alberto Chicote is one of Spain’s most influential chefs. He is the Gordon Ramsey and Anthony Bourdain of his country.

Chicote gained popularity from Spain’s version of Kitchen Nightmares. Presently, he is one of the permanent chef judges in the country’s Top Chef series.


Yakitoro by Alberto Chicote

Inspired by a trip to Japan and the culture’s yakitori taverns, Chicote and his team created Yakitoro.

Yakitoro combines the words and cultures of “yakitori” and “toro”.

Yakitori is the skewered chicken cooked on a charcoal grill. The sticks are served in small portions and paired with cold beers and sakes. Culturally, eating yakitori and drinking beer goes hand in hand – the more you drink, the more you will want to order a variety of skewers.

Ordering a variety of small portions and pairing the food with drinks parallels the Spanish food culture. “Toro” refers to the most widely recognized symbol of Spain, the bull. In fact, if you drive on the highways around the country, there are huge billboards of black bulls.

Yakitoro offers traditional Japanese yakitori, traditional Spanish tapas, and a blended inspiration of the two cuisines all presented on skewers.


The Restaurant Design

Open kitchens greet guests the moment they walk into the restaurant. The kitchen prep area is seen through a large glass window to the left of the entrance. An open grill area, decked out with Josper grills, are the highlight right in the middle of the restaurant surrounded by the tables.

The best part of the design? Every table has an ice basin for easy access to cold drinks from the moment you sit down.

The concept of Yakitoro presents fun and affordable Japanese and Spanish cuisines that marry together playfully and successfully.


Foodicles Yakitoro 1
The interior. Once entering the restaurant, you are immediately greeted by the kitchens. An open prep kitchen on the left, and the open grill kitchen in the middle of the restaurant
Foodicles Yakitoro 2
Every table is equipped with ice basins right in the middle. This is my dream table: easy access to ice cold beers, sidras, sparkling wines, white wines, gazpacho, and water
Foodicles Yakitoro 3
A closer look at my dream table. Of course, this is also a smart technique on the restaurant’s side to tempt customers to drink more. So smart. I love it, and I will drink more because of it
Foodicles Yakitoro 4
De papada ibérica y pepino “David Chang”.  Iberian pork dewlap (pork belly) and cucumber “David Chang”
Foodicles Yakitoro 5
Ssam de cerdo en hoja de lechuga cruijiente. Pork ssam in crispy lettuce leaf
Foodicles Yakitoro 7
Setas shitakes frescas, salsa de ajo cocido y virutas de bonito seco ahumado. Fresh shitake and smoked Bonito shavings with garlic sauce
Foodicles Yakitoro 8
Pequeñas patatas asadas con salsa brava. Baby roasted potatoes with brava sauce
Foodicles Yakitoro 10
Buñuelo de bacalao con mahonesa de yuzu y chili. Fried cod dough balls with yuzu and chilli mayonnaise
Foodicles Yakitoro 11
Boquerones fritos en tempura con aderezo de ñoras dulces. Fried anchovy tempura and Murciano sweet peppers
Foodicles Yakitoro 13
Secreto de cerdo ibérico a la brasa con vinagreta de mostaza dulce. Grilled Iberian pork secret with sweet mustard vinaigrette
Foodicles Yakitoro 15
Albóndigas picantes de pollo y tocineta ibérica. Spicy chicken meatballs
Foodicles Yakitoro 16
Alitas de pollo 2016, agridulces y picantes. 2016 spicy, sweet and sour chicken sings
Foodicles Yakitoro 18
Yakitoro de marshmallow. Marshmallow yakitoro
Foodicles Yakitoro 19
Yakitoro de algodón de azúcar. Cotton Candy yakitoro
Foodicles Yakitoro 20
Churros con chocolate. Churros with chocolate


Calle Reina 41
Madrid, Spain
1pm to 12am

Plaza de la Castellana 130
El Viso
Madrid, Spain
1pm to 12am


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