Traveling Like a Local by Talking to Locals in Their Language

While Japan has greatly increased a bilingual presence in most public areas (such as subway and train stations), most of its citizens may not be as fluent in English as you would prefer. Language barriers are inevitable in most international trips. By learning a few useful Japanese expressions, you will run into fewer “lost in translation” moments.

Previous List of Useful Japanese Expressions

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Even More Useful Japanese Expressions

Yes, that’s right – Hai, sou desu
No, that’s wrong – Iie, chigaimasu

Is that so? – Sou desu ka?
Are you sure?/Is that true? – Hontou desu ka?

Do you understand? – Wakarimasu ka?
Yes, I understand – Hai, wakarimasu
I don’t understand – Wakarimasen

Umm – Ano
Wait – Chotto/Chotto Matte

How much is this? – Kore wa ikura desu ka?
I will buy this – Kore oh kudasai

Where is…? – … wa doko desu ka?
…subway – chikatetsu
…station – eki
…taxi – takushi
…hotel – hoteru
…toilet – toire


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