Glamping in Sri Lanka’s Tea Culture

If you are a luxury traveler with an interest in nature, Madulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge lavishes guests with the ultimate luxury tent experience in Sri Lanka.

Tea Plantation Surroundings

There are some activities you have to do when visiting Sri Lanka, and drinking local black Ceylon tea is absolutely one of them. Why not experience Sri Lanka’s tea culture within the tea plants and tea plantations?

Luxuriating in the natural surroundings. Welcome to Madulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge located right in the middle of tea plantations where you can actually watch the ladies of the villages picking tea during the day
Every tent situates itself with the best views of the mountains. The tents stand on secure stilts to stay level on the incline slope of the tea plantations. Tents start with these Deluxe Tents which are comfortably spacious for 2 adults
Each tent comes with its own outdoor patio, perfect for a cup of tea in the morning while watching the sunrise. The tents ideally face the morning sun which is worthwhile waking up early. You can open up your tent and cozy up to the sunrise from your bed


Luxury Tents

While the luxury begins the moment you enter the lodge’s property, it magnifies the moment to step foot into your tent. The whole experience, service, amenities, and comfort will not even feel like camping in a tent at all, but rather breathing in the freshest air in your luxury hotel bedroom.

Welcome home. This is your luxury tent bedroom. Look at this spaciousness and privacy. You can unzip your windows for fresh clean air. The lights in the evening are dim but sufficient for the camping setup
A sitting area and a desk station complete with local teas and instant coffee. The hot water pot is refilled each day along with complimentary bottled water that is replenished during daily housekeeping service
Next to your desk is a charging station which comes with universal adapters and sufficient outlets to charge all your devices. All these amenities add to the luxury of this camping experience in which you are not at all roughing it
Open up your “doors” in the early morning and you can leisurely sip your cup of tea to this gorgeous sight and while breathing in the cool, clean air of the mountains. Sunrise occurs shortly after 6am when you hear the music of the tea plantation ladies as they begin their work day
Luxury tent bathroom and closet with ample space for your luggage, hanging rack, and shelves. The room comes with bathrobes as well. The shower stall is spacious and asks guests to be mindful to “Save Water”
The toilet also has a separate enclosure with the sink in the middle with plenty of counter space for your toiletries. The bathroom comes equipped with a hair dryer and complete luxury hotel amenities like shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, dental kit, shaving kit, and shower cap


Dining at the Lodge

Guests at Madulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge have their fill of delicious meals and drinks throughout the day with a complete breakfast, an a la carte lunch, a set dinner, and a full bar’s cocktail menu.

The main lodge is the common place for all guests to convene for meals, wifi, and relaxation. Breakfast is inclusive with the room rate, lunch is served a la carte, and dinners are a set 4-course menu each evening
The meal features the best of local ingredients, especially from the vegetable and herb garden located right outside of the lodge. You can taste the freshness of the lettuce, the bright flavors of the herbs, and the fruits picked right from the trees
If the weather is too cold or you simply prefer it inside, the main lodge is equally enjoyable within its floor-to-ceiling doors. Each evening, the fireplace is loaded with branches for roaring flames to warm the night
Daily breakfast treats guests to a wonderful start to the day. With a fruit plate to start alongside a generous bread basket. Followed by an egg plate according to your preference of cooked eggs. In my case, the kitchen cooked scrambled egg toast to make me feel right at home
Every dinner starts with a first course featuring ingredients from the resort’s vegetable garden, including the basil for this plate’s pesto sauce. Next is a soup course, followed by your choice of main plate, and then dessert


Activities in the Lodge

The drive from Kandy can take close to 2 hours through the windy, rugged roads. As a result, you will likely want to stay close to the property to make the journey worthwhile. Madulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge provides guests with more than enough activities to stay occupied or to simply relax.

The lodge offers a number of activities within the property, like relaxing at this incredible infinity pool overlooking the mountains, tents, and tea plantations. Whether cloudy or gorgeous blue sky days like this, afternoons at Madulkelle completely relaxes every guest
If you want to take in the fresh air while staying closer to the lodge, this outdoor patio provides groups, couples, and every other guest a comfortable sitting area to relax and to socialize
If you want even more relaxation, make an appointment at the spa where you can choose to have your treatment in the spa lodge or in the comfort of your tent. The spa lodge can accommodate couples or individuals with the privacy screen down
On top of your spa lodge treatment, you also have access to this incredible hot tub within the infinity pond overlooking tents and the mountain. There is no shortage of luxury in this spa setting
Take a moment away from modern technology to enjoy classic games in the lodge while taking in the views of the property. Choose a game of chess, Scrabble, or a local game. Alternatively, you can also read the books in the lodge by the fireplace


Travel Vlog Series

Watch my Sri Lankan Travel Vlog Series which features a tour of Madulkelle and all the activities in and around the hotel


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Disclaimer: Madulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge graciously hosted this stay. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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