What’s Happening with Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market is the world’s largest fish market. With the upcoming 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, the market will move from the city to a waterfront location nearby. Find out more details below about when the move is happening, what is moving, and what to expect:

Tsukiji Market and the New Toyosu Market

Talks about Tsukiji Market moving has been going on for years. The date has been set and it is actually happening. On October 6, 2018, the Inner Market will officially close. The Inner Market consists of the fish auction, wholesale vendors, and the handful of restaurants within the wholesale area.

On October 11, 2018, Toyosu Market will officially open featuring all that was in the Inner Market, including the restaurants that will still welcome tourists with fresh seafood meals. There will also be observation decks for tourists to view the fish auctions.

After Toyosu Market opens, it will continue to expand to welcome more and more tourists. The expansion that is expected to develop into 2019 will include onsens, shops, more restaurant spaces, and even a hotel.

As for the Tsukiji Market’s Outer Market with all the retail shops and restaurants for the public, that will remain open well beyond October 6, 2018. The hours will remain the same with 5am starts until closing in the early afternoon.

For food travelers visiting after October 11, 2018, there will now be two fish markets to visit: 1) the original Tsukiji location for street food vendors, restaurants, and shops and 2) the new Toyosu location to see the fish auction and dine in one of the Inner Market restaurants.


Watch my video below featuring my Breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market


Photos from Breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market
Donburi to start the morning at Tsukiji Fish Market. There are several restaurants that offer similar menus. Few have endlessly long lines while others are practically empty. Be prepared with cash as many restaurants and vendors do not accept credit card
Tsukiji Fish Market
Aside from restaurants, you can also fill up with all the small bites all around the outer market. There is fresh seafood like at this uni vendor who cleans the shell per order. It is best not to fill up at one place as you will constantly find new nibbles around the entire market
Tsukiji Fish Market
Grilled scallops on butter. If you love scallops and oysters, you will happily find vendors grilling and steaming the seafood right in front of you. There are also vendors where you can enjoy the seafood raw with soy sauce and wasabi
Tsukiji Fish Market
It’s morning, so, of course, you will need your coffee fix. There are a couple of coffee shops that serve high-quality intensely brewed cups that will give you that much-needed boost. You will find out that coffee in Japan is tasty everywhere in the country


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