Lake Side Serenity in Sri Lanka

Traveling to Sri Lanka is about escaping from major metropolitan cities. You can explore the lush green hill country, the forests and safaris, the golden beaches, and the quiet serene lakes.

Tri on Koggala Lake in the south of the country is a true escape from any hustle and bustle. The resort prides itself in its natural, organic design as it seamlessly blends into the serenity of the lake side setting.

Infinity over Koggala Lake. A complete modern retreat on the lake. The infinity pool sets the mood for relaxation and indulgence. Plus, all meals from breakfast to dinner to drinks are served by the pool and by the lake for premium views


Rooms and Villas

Tri features a central Water Tower with 3 rooms and 8 villas with lake views. Each accommodation takes guests away into a clean, quiet, modern retreat complete with luxury details like evening turndown service with nightly sweet treats.

Water Tower Rooms. The tower holds one room per floor for maximum privacy in what is considered the base rooms, which are sufficient for couples. For extra space, the villas along the lake are worth the splurge
A covered rooftop on the top floor of the Water Tower. This is the place to take in the sunset going down over Koggala Lake. There are even seats and a mini bar stocked with drinks to leisurely enjoy the magic hour


Facilities at Tri

As a natural getaway, the resort provides guests with facilities not found at just any hotel or resort. At Tri, you can disconnect from the modern world with physical and mental enriching activities.

The resort facilities are located towards the back of the property like a retreat house. The spa rooms on the first floor, a library room on the second floor, and an open-air yoga room on the top floor. Yoga classes are held throughout the week, with complimentary sessions for guests
Library Room. The enclosed library room brings in maximum natural lighting with the wall-to-wall floor-to-ceiling windows. Here you can read books about Sri Lanka’s history, culture, and cuisine as well as architecture, bird-watching, and classic novels


Breakfast at Tri

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Tri’s inclusive breakfast starts the day right. Guests start with local fruits, granola, and frozen yogurt followed by your choice of eggs, light and healthy plates, or local Sri Lankan meals.

Good morning. Start breakfast with the smoothie of the day, your choice of Sri Lankan tea or coffee, and a bowl of fresh local fruit with homemade granola and a scoop of frozen curd. This alone is already filling, and then the breakfast entree arrives
While you do have a choice of a western breakfast, when in a foreign country you must try the local breakfast traditions, like this serving of local curry with red rice and sambol. Curries to start the day livens your spirits for the day ahead
Sri Lankan breakfasts can be filling. A yellow curry with eggs along side dhal curry and accompanied with sambol and red rice string hoppers. A beautifully plated, traditional breakfast that will keep you full until the afternoon
Roti with an onion sambol. A spicy start to the morning! This lighter local breakfast brings balance to the week of local eating. Each morning you will find variation to the breakfast menu which brings excitement to the start of the day


Dinner at Tri

While breakfast is a fun start of the day at Tri, dinner is even more fun. Both breakfast and dinners are inclusive with your stay, bringing extra value to your nightly rate. Dinners include a set 6-course tasting menu and on special evenings a local Sri Lankan feast.

The 6-course tasting menu includes local ingredients and contemporary interpretations of Sri Lankan and global flavors. A few courses include your choice of meat, seafood, and vegetarian options
A Sri Lankan feast! The highlight of the dinners at Tri. Rather than coursed out, all dishes came out together as the meal is meant to be eaten with each bite complementing and enhancing each other
Desserts feature local fruits, such as this pineapple creation using the fruit in several ways from dried to roasted to frozen. The last bites of the meal are light and bright rather than heavy and overly indulgent
Desserts can also include classic Sri Lankan sweets, like this watalappam. This is a traditional dessert made of coconut milk, jaggery (palm sugar or treacle), and cardamom. It is commonly served at weddings and special occasions


Koggala Lake
Galle, Sri Lanka

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