Yakitori in the Financial District


Marunouchi, Tokyo’s financial district, overflows with speed walking locals commuting to and from work. In order to keep up with the area, many of the restaurants are of a higher quality for this business crowd.

As a result, the competition creates an abundance of excellent restaurants of all cuisines.

Connected to the Otemachi Station in the Otemachi Tower, Ootemori has a variety of dining choices that are contemporary and approachable at the same time.



Tori-Kansuke is an attractive example of a yakitori restaurant with an upscale, yet casual atmosphere for the work crowd.

Unlike the traditional yakitori settings, Tori-Kansuke serves classic yakitori skewers and seasonal kamameshi rice pots in a well-light, clean, modern environment.

The establishment also promotes its wine selection, craft beers, and sakes and sochu list. Every drink pairs perfectly with the grilled bites.

Without sacrificing the classic grilled taste, the yakitori experience is successfully modernized with higher quality in an upscale setting that is perfect for the financial district crowd.


Foodicles Tokyo Tori Kansuke 1
The restaurant’s clean, modern, casual setting proudly displaying their selection of wines
Foodicles Tokyo Tori Kansuke 2
“Nama biiru kudasai.” Draft beer, please. A very useful phrase for all restaurants and bars
Karaage. Japanese fried chicken with grated ponzu. A generous plate to share with the table. Plump, juicy chicken fried to perfection
Foodicles Tokyo Tori Kansuke 4
Uzura no Tamago.  Grilled quail eggs
Foodicles Tokyo Tori Kansuke 5
Momo and Negima.  Grilled chicken thigh and green onions
Foodicles Tokyo Tori Kansuke 6
Seseri and Reba. Grilled chicken neck and liver
Teba. Grilled chicken wings
Tsukune. Grilled chicken meatball in sauce
Foodicles Tokyo Tori Kansuke 9
Tsukune and Avocado. Grilled chicken meatball in salt and grilled avocado
Grilled Vegetables. Asparagus, tomato, zucchini
Foodicles Tokyo Tori Kansuke 11
Grilled Eggplant
Snow Crab Kamameshi
Bibimbap Kamameshi. Complete with chicken broth


Otemachi Tower
1-5-5 Otemachi
Lunch, 11am to 4pm
Dinner, 5pm to 11pm


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