The Tempura Bar


Tempura bars present a Japanese experience which can be enjoyed in a range of settings from casual to refined, fine dining.

At The Peninsula Tokyo in Ginza, the tempura bar offers a sophisticated feast in a  contemporary, yet simple Japanese setting.


Kyoto Tsuruya at The Peninsula Tokyo

The restaurant, Kyoto Tsuruya, is the sister establishment to the famous Kyoto guesthouse that serves kaiseki cuisine for which they have received top marks of three Michelin stars. It seems only natural, as they are known for serving the world’s VIPs including Queen Elizabeth and other royalty and heads of state.

The Tokyo restaurant in the basement level of The Peninsula Hotel has a choice of kaiseki dining or the tempura bar.


The Kappo-Stye Experience

The bar is a wrap-around open kitchen allowing guests to enjoy front-row seats to watch the master chef prepare, freshly fry, and present the tempura. Each premium piece is local and seasonal for absolute freshness.

The chef paces his cooking according to the diner’s individual eating pace.

The final main course, which stands out from other tempura bars, is a rice bowl with your choice of steamed rice or fried rice with tempura on the side or mixed inside.

The tempura bar at The Peninsula Tokyo is truly a luxurious experience for all your senses.


Foodicles Peninsula Tokyo 1
Tempura Bar. An open kitchen to watch the chef prepare the ingredients and freshly fry each piece according to the diner’s pace
Foodicles Peninsula Tokyo 2
Bar table setting. Japanese simplicity complete with individual serving racks
Foodicles Peninsula Tokyo 3
A refreshing start. Fresh mochiko (glutinous rice flour) tofu for a smooth, sticky texture that awakens your palate for the meal ahead
Foodicles Peninsula Tokyo 4
And so it begins. Fried shrimp heads for a crispy, crunchy start
Foodicles Peninsula Tokyo 5
Then, shrimp’s body
Foodicles Peninsula Tokyo 6
Followed by seasonal white fish
Foodicles Peninsula Tokyo 7
More white fish, including the cracker-crispy spine
Foodicles Peninsula Tokyo 8
Baby shrimps and pumpkin
Foodicles Peninsula Tokyo 9
Seasonal vegetables
Foodicles Peninsula Tokyo 10
Spring asparagus
Foodicles Peninsula Tokyo 11
Crisp green beans
Foodicles Peninsula Tokyo 12
Mochi and mushrooms
Foodicles Peninsula Tokyo 13
The finale. Fried rice with tempura chunks, pickles, and miso soup. As well as a bite of celebration sticky rice – a detailed treat from the hotel as they noted the stay and the meal were for an anniversary
Foodicles Peninsula Tokyo 14
A sweet, light ending to balance the fried meal


The Peninsula Tokyo
Kyoto Tsuruya
1-8-1 Yurakucho
Lunch, 11:30am to 2:30pm
Dinner, 6pm to 9:30pm

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