One of the best luxury hotels in Seoul

With new hotels and classic hotels competing in South Korea’s capital, here are 3 reasons to stay at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul:

Reason #1: Location

Located in Seoul’s financial district within the IFC (International Finance Center) complex, Conrad Hotel Seoul has a premium location for business travelers and luxury travelers.

The hotel has direct access to the IFC mall with conveniences beyond shopping. Aside from the dining options of the hotel, guests can also enjoy the cafes and restaurant inside the mall where locals and corporate office workers typically dine. The upscale IFC mall ensures a higher quality of restaurant offerings.

Additionally, the hotel and IFC mall have a direct, indoor access to the Yeouido Subway Station. Seoul’s transit system is a mixture of the ease of Hong Kong’s foreign friendly machines with the intricacy of Tokyo’s train and subway lines.

View from the Conrad Hotel Seoul. The hotel commands city skyline views and Han River views from all rooms and facilities. The view of the clean, tree-lined streets alongside the corporate high-rises speak highly of the city’s financial district
Conrad Hotel Seoul is one of the four pillars the IFC complex. On the ground floor of the buildings are tree-lined sidewalks as well as a subway station entrance for the IFC buildings. Both the hotel and the mall have direct indoor access to the Yeouido Subway Station. Photo courtesy of Seoul Guide Korea
The multi-level mall impresses guests with its modern, sleek design and range of shopping brands. From budget to high-end, the mall has something for everyone, including a choice of cafes and restaurants. Photo courtesy of Seoul Guide Korea


Reason #2: Spacious Rooms

With rooms starting at 48 square meters with impressive views of the Han River and the city skyline, Conrad Hotel Seoul boasts of having the city’s largest rooms.

The floor-to-ceiling windows add to the sense of a grand spaciousness in the comfort of your room. Plus, the clean, modern furnishings further enhance the commodious environment making it such a pleasure to end the day in your luxurious room.

Welcome to your room at the Conrad Hotel Seoul. 2 Queen Beds Premium with either Han River or city views. The spacious room provides a sitting area and desk station which expands the width of the room providing guests with ample space for their belongings


Reason #3: Room Service

Some may scoff at the idea of room service. They argue that the food is mediocre and overcooked; plus, it is not an authentic meal representing the local culture.

While this may be true in many hotels, luxury five-star hotels today are making the case for room service as a luxurious dining experience.

Conrad Hotel Seoul luxuriates guests with authentic Korean meals beautifully plated in the comfort of your room. Imagine, feasting on a high-quality meal while cozied up in your lush bed dressed in your relaxing hotel robe. That is luxury.

Bibimbap. A classic Korean dish, meaning “mixed rice”. Vegetables, sliced meat, a fried egg, and gochujang (chili pepper paste) over rice in a hot stone bowl. Mix it together and savor the varying flavors. The order comes complete with banchan (side dishes) to complement the meal
Samgyetang. Ginseng chicken soup, another classic Korean dish. The warm soup is traditionally served during hot summer days as it is believed the heat of the soup and the energizing qualities of the ginseng will attribute to your perspiration to cool you down
The whole chicken is stuffed with sticky rice, chestnuts, dried jujubes, garlic, ginger, and ginseng. The ginseng truly boosts your energy while the warm of the soup and the sticky rice provides comfort in the meal


Conrad Hotel Seoul
10, Gukjegeumyung-ro
Seoul, South Korea
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