The Cost of Beauty – Spring Time Travel in Japan

The most expensive time of the year to travel to Japan is in the spring solely because of the popularity and the beauty of cherry blossom season. Is the cost of high season travel to Japan worthwhile?

Why it is worth traveling to Japan in the spring

Let’s start with the weather. Winter is ice cold and summer is the instant-sweat hot. Spring and fall are the most pleasant times of the year to travel to Japan. It is not too cold and not too hot.

Then, of course, the cherry blossoms, sakura, hanami. There is a limited window of time, ideally within one or two weeks, when it is the best time of the season to view the cherry blossoms. If you arrive too early, they have yet to bud. If you arrive too late, they have fallen from the trees from the winds and occasional rains. When you arrive just in time, they are gorgeously in full bloom.

While some may argue, “Why go to Japan? There are cherry blossoms in my own country/city/street etc.” However, when you witness the full bloom in Japan, you will know exactly why you have to go to Japan.

The best part of the season is how the beautifully lined and clustered trees harmoniously bloom together in white and shades of pink to create a most picturesque real-life painting right in front of your eyes
Kyoto the most popular destination for hanami. The fullness of sakura trees fills the city with this gentle beauty. As a result, hotels are almost ridiculously expensive. Consider staying outside of Kyoto, like in Osaka, and taking day trips by train
While Kyoto gets the most fame, Tokyo also has a number of parks lined with cherry blossom trees. The season for cherry blossoms depends on the location within the country. For example, in Hokkaido the trees bloom later in the spring during the weeks of May
Finally, aside from the cherry blossoms, the seasonal fruits are another also worthy reason to spend a little more to travel. December through May are the best months for strawberry picking. Japanese strawberries are some of the best in the world with its depth of flavor


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