Rainy Season Risks

The Philippines consists of two major weather seasons: dry season and rainy season.

Dry season brings out the crowds to the beaches for endlessly sunny, blue-sky days. A beach trip during rainy season is like gambling against the cloudy days and dark, looming rain clouds.

In the Philippines, the beaches are breathtakingly gorgeous and worth the gamble, even just for a few hours of sunshine on the soft sands.


Revisiting Shangri-La Boracay

If you are seeking a luxury resort on Boracay, look no further than Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa. The resort has private exclusive beaches, world-class facilities, and the details of five-star hospitality.

Read about my introduction to the resort which recaps footage from my previous two stays: https://foodicles.com/shangrila-boracay/

The rainy season draws in the clouds and higher tides on to the beaches. As a result, the resort and its facilities are not as crowded making it a more exclusive stay with fewer guests around.

And despite the season, the weather is warm and hot all year round, the skies are mostly blue, and the water remains amazingly aqua.



The rainy weather occurred during the evenings which was perfect to enjoy the whole day out in the pool and beach.  Thus, the weather was not a drawback.

Nitpicking on details, the maintenance of the Premier Family Rooms has deteriorated over the years. While it is understandable that these rooms are more difficult to preserve because of the families and children occupying this room category, the bathroom corners and crevices can have a more thorough cleaning each day.

That being said, the upkeep of the suites and villas are more to the clean luxury standard because of the lesser volume of guests in this category.

Another detail is the checkout process. In each of my three stays at Shangri-la Boracay, the staff rushes and pushes me out of the resort well before the standard checkout time. If you are inclined to arrive extra early to the airport, this will be a non-issue.

I am the type of traveler who prefers to arrive at the airport one hour before the scheduled departure time (and if there are delay announcements, I adjust my schedule accordingly).

Why do I push it to the last moments for checking in at the airport? I hate waiting when I could be comfortable in my hotel room.

In my experience with domestic and international travel, the check-in lines are longer 1 or 2 hours earlier when everyone else arrives. When I arrive an hour before the departure, the lines have mostly dissipated. Then, after the check-in and security process, you will end up waiting uselessly at the gate with people who sit so close to you despite open seats all around. With every second that ticks by, I think about how I could be snuggled up in my hotel bed instead. I hate waiting at airports.

The lesson learned here is to insist to the staff that you understand the risk of transportation delays to the airport and the airport procedures. You are the paying guest at a luxury hotel. Your input and preferences should be acknowledged.



Despite the drawbacks, I am eagerly looking forward to another visit to the resort.

Why? The exclusivity of the beach, the pools, and the facilities keep bringing me back for more. The facilities are world class and as good or even better than other beach resorts around the world.

Plus, the buffet breakfast spread is possibly the biggest appeal. Ice cream for breakfast? Yes, please.


Banyugan Beach. The resort’s exclusive private beach. During the high-tide months, the rows of beach loungers diminish to accommodate closer reach of the water. Despite the rainy season, the days are consistently beautiful, warm, and breezy with gorgeously clear, aqua waters
Beachside and poolside dining. Guests can take in the tropical surroundings with resort’s Cielo all-day dining menu and Alon Bar’s drink menu. The menus offer international choices, like pizzas, pasta, and Filipino dishes as well as fruity cocktails and local draft beer
Punta Bunga Beach. The resort’s other beach that also serves at the speedboat docking zone. The sand here is softer than Banyugan Beach and often accommodates private events. The other end of the beach is now slowly opening up to future resorts
The resort’s main pool boasts of infinity views of all angles of the property. The shallow depth of the pool is friendly for adults and children. Palm trees line the pool area emphasizing the tropical environment
The pool expands to quieter areas and more views of the resort. Huts by the pool serve as poolside dining areas to refuel with food and drink under the shade. The pristine landscaping is admirably maintained all day and year round
One of the highlights from the breakfast buffet spread at Vintana Café. “Bibingka is a traditional Filipino rice cake made out of glutinous rice flour, wheat flour, and coconut milk. The traditional recipe may vary in different regions of the country. It’s usually served during Christmas season and special occasions.”
Four kinds are served each day: plain, cheese, strawberry, and blueberry. Hands down, the best bibingka I have tasted. Light, fluffy, crispy edges, and a depth of buttery flavor. The small size allows you to try each one and go back for seconds of your favorite flavor
Kinilaw at Sirena. Sirena is the resort’s signature seafood restaurant highlighting the best of the local fishes and shellfish. Kinilaw is the Filipino version of ceviche. The presentation and plating at Sirena allow guests to increase their desired spice level with fresh ginger and chilies
Grilled Seafood 3-Tier Platter. With Palawan lobster, tiger prawns, grouper fillet, red snapper, scallops, October, and black mussels. Good for 2 (but really it’s good for 4). This is the perfect order when you want a variety of premium seafood, or simply cannot decide what to order for the table
Deconstructed Calamansi Pie. A beautiful execution of a Philippine dessert which is perfect for the beachside atmosphere. The lightness, acidity, and cold ice cream balance the seafood meal on a light, sweet note
Hazelnut Caramelo Cake with Macadamia Ice Cream. Another light dessert and perfect for chocolate fans looking for a sweet, satisfying ending to round off the meal. The lightness of the desserts complements the beachside environment
On the morning of departure, the impending typhoon created rougher waves on the resort’s dock. As a result, the departing area changes to the other side of the island. This rock formation serves as a beautiful landmark for the backup dock


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