Combining Two Styles of Japanese Cooking: Teppanyaki and Kuwayaki

Kushiyakitei specializes in two styles of Japanese cuisine – teppanyaki and Osaka’s very own kuwayaki. While most Japanese food fans know about teppanyaki (food cooked on the flat iron grill), kuwayaki is a specific regional style of cooking not as internationally known.

All About Kuwayaki – A Local Osaka Specialty

Kushiyakitei combines two cooking styles of teppanyaki and kuwayaki. Kushiyaki refers to grilled skewered meats. At Kushiyakitei, the skewered meats, seafood, and vegetables are cooked on the teppanyaki/kuwayki flat griddle. Some skewers are panko-crusted and flatten with a heavy iron; others are cooked as traditional teppanyaki dishes.

Teppanyaki (teppan meaning “iron plate” and yaki meaning “grilled, broiled, or pan-fried”) cooks meat, seafood, okonomiyaki, and yakisoba on a hot flat iron griddle.

Kuwayaki is a style of cooking originating from Osaka just after World War II. Farmers would cook wildfowl on directly on the flat part of their hoes; hence, kuwayaki (kuwa meaning “hoe”). The hoes eventually translated into the kitchen as a hot steel plate.

The best seats in most Japanese restaurants are at the counter where you watch the chef prepare your meal and he paces his cooking according to how fast or slowly you eat. It’s like your own private chef serving amazing Japanese cuisine


Set Menus at Kushiyakitei

At Kushiyakitei, you can order from a set menu with a choice of 8, 9, or 10 skewers depending on your hunger and preference for additional beef. The set menus are ideal for first timers to the restaurant, those wanting to let the chef decide on the variety of skewers, or for those indecisive eaters.

For your meal, you will have a choice of having your rice with pickles and miso soup with your meal or at the end of the meal. There are English-menus and English-speaking servers.

Appetizer course. Certain sets come with appetizers. You must have it – not because of the fresh cut of sashimi (which the yellowtail hamachi is delicious by the way) but because of that amazing touch of soy sauce mousse. In lieu of the actually dipping soy sauce, the mousse is a light, fluffy, savory, umami taste and texture to compliment the sashimi
If you have a chance, choose to dine at the counter rather than the table. At the counter, the chef paces your skewers according to how fast or slow you eat. This means every skewer you enjoy is freshly cooked and perfectly hot from the grill. These are chicken and fish skewers with a wonderful panko crunch
The set menu and specials menu feature seasonal ingredients. Right now during the winter months, you will find lots of oysters on the menu. In Japan, oysters are beautifully and deliciously massive
The chef announces which is your last skewer of the set before your ice cream dessert completes the meal. In this case, it was a massive asparagus wrapped with a thin slice of beef and dressed with Japanese mayonnaise


A La Carte Menu & Specials at Kushiyakitei

If you are hungry for more than the set menu, you can also order extra skewers and dishes from the a la carte menu and the specials of the day menu which features seasonal flavors. Or, if you have particular skewers and ingredients you love, you can also build your own meal from the a la carte menu.

Aside from the meal, Kushiyakitei also specializes in sake, as they are proud to have sake sommeliers on their team. Pair your meal with sake, beer, highballs, or simply tea or water.

Oysters with mushrooms and dressed in sardine oil. This special of the day dish (during winter months) is cooked on the hot plate in this little cast iron pan and then garnished with juicy tomatoes and arugula


Watch the video below featuring my meal at Kushiyakitei in Osaka. And subscribe to my YouTube channel for latest vlogs!


Addresses & Hours (Osaka branches)

8F Takashimaya (Honten – Main Store)
Namba Dining Maison
11am to 10:30pm

7/F Grand Front Osaka, South Hall
4-20 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka
11am to 2:30pm, 5pm to 10:30pm


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